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The first car I learned to drive on:

'95 Sidekick and I still have it in the family - gave it to my sister last summer as her daily driver since it still ran well and was only just over 50K miles. Twas a beast off-road for its size and power: you probably wouldn't last on the Rubicon Trail with it stock but it could take on a lot more successfully than you would think!

Then came my infrequent daily driver for about 5 years:

'01 XJ Jeep Cherokee Sport. My parent's bought this one for me as my daily driver during college, but my dad loved it so much that it became his daily driver during the winters and I used it during the summers and switched back to the Sidekick whenever I walked into the garage and realized the XJ was 'missing'

Last year, I picked up my current driver and it is by far my favorite:

'09 JK Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Everyone except for my parents thought that I was going to gravitate towards a small sports car as my first car purchase and I surprised everyone when I went with this, but damned if I don't love her to death. Offroad, she doesn't even realize she's off the road and in the Fairbanks winters, I have yet to manage to lose control of her. Plus, in the summer, being able to pop off the roof panels and go open air is just exhilarating.

Nice Jeep. Get the doors off and you'll really love the open air. I also have a wrangler, 06 TJ sport, I may have a pic already in this thread...if not, I will try and remember to update when the lift and 33s go on (hopefully within a 4-6 weeks)
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Got a 85 Camaro Iroc-Z28 with 37k miles

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My '96 Impala....basically a weekend car.

My daily driver....'06 GTO 6speed

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Two FDs on head-fi, nice to see... one day I will own one myself
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currently driving 2009 infiniti g37x. i love everything about it except the gas mileage.
i need to get another car soon, and i am considering 2011 hyundai sonata or volkswagen jetta.
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Some pretty sweet rides in this thread! *drool* Thinking of getting an MX-5 sometime soon
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my dad's car (Pontiac G8 GT), doesn't let anyone else drive it though
such a great feeling car though, I drove it for a little bit and it's spectacular.

I just drive our old Oldsmobile Alero.
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why you posting your dads car......

Nice imp and gto there both look really clean.
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Nothing wrong with posting his dad's car. At least he didn't pretend it was his own when it wasn't.
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true true but still...
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What's wrong with him posting his fathers car?

He must feel proud of his dad's possession and felt he needed to share it. There's nothing wrong with that.
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There is a bit of a difference between the US Pontiac GT to our Aussie Holden SS Comodore, they are pretty much the same car.

Have any of you seen the V8 Supercars that race within Aus..?? If you like muscle cars then these will give wood
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haha yea v8 supercar races are the only ones besides wrc and pwrc that im still interested in.
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My Wheel,and I like the car to match them.
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My 2003 Honda Element had a chunk of tree fall on it and total it.......

So I replaced it with a 2010 Honda Element SC.....Dealer told me it was Blue, then Sky Blue then when they were driving it out here she called and said 90% White 10% Blue.......i don't know but never thought I would own a white car.

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