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Originally Posted by mmayer167 View Post
Took this picture last summer at the Generac 500, Road America, Elkhart Lake Wisconsin.
Sweet looking Cobra.
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Man, there's a lot of sweet rides here!


03 325xi

The summer car
06 350z

Got some plans for the Z, need a little bit more cash, but its a work in progress.


Some 24s!!! Not really, only 18s, lol

The Racing Spirit tuned by Tommy Kaira Japan

My ice

Sorry for whoring, just love cars
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My 07 WRX. She is 3 years old and I still love her.

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Haven't taken any pics of my own yet .. too much snow.

Bit sad that we've had more issues with seals than the RX7 person. Already had the turbo replaced once.
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My current headache:
03 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

My daily:
97 Acura Integra LS

Before these I had:
06 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX

89 Nissan 240sx (R34 Skyline GT-T RB25DET swap)

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Mind if I ask why you got rid of the '06 IX?
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I drive a White '06 Lexus GS300
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07' Black Nissan Altima

I want an STi!
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2009 Toyota Matrix S AWD

1971 MGB Roadster
mg1.jpg photo - sparky14 photos at

1976 MGB Roadster with a GM V6 / T5 conversion
1976 Photo Gallery by sparky14 at
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Originally Posted by revolink24 View Post
Mind if I ask why you got rid of the '06 IX?
I was at a dead stop in traffic after picking my friend up from the airport, and then some guy rammed into it going 60mph. lol. He ended up totalling my car so I bought the other Evo.
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My two favourite cars:

Volvo 240. (Will be my first car) -

Lexus LS400.
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The first car I learned to drive on:

'95 Sidekick and I still have it in the family - gave it to my sister last summer as her daily driver since it still ran well and was only just over 50K miles. Twas a beast off-road for its size and power: you probably wouldn't last on the Rubicon Trail with it stock but it could take on a lot more successfully than you would think!

Then came my infrequent daily driver for about 5 years:

'01 XJ Jeep Cherokee Sport. My parent's bought this one for me as my daily driver during college, but my dad loved it so much that it became his daily driver during the winters and I used it during the summers and switched back to the Sidekick whenever I walked into the garage and realized the XJ was 'missing'

Last year, I picked up my current driver and it is by far my favorite:

'09 JK Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Everyone except for my parents thought that I was going to gravitate towards a small sports car as my first car purchase and I surprised everyone when I went with this, but damned if I don't love her to death. Offroad, she doesn't even realize she's off the road and in the Fairbanks winters, I have yet to manage to lose control of her. Plus, in the summer, being able to pop off the roof panels and go open air is just exhilarating.

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Originally Posted by TrumpOrMonkey View Post
My two favourite cars:

Volvo 240. (Will be my first car) -
Turbo Brick?
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My Series 8 RX-7... I wouldnt mind trading her in the newer RX coming over next couple years. See how i go
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Any muscle car guys here? 1968-1969 dodge charger anyone? Every time i hear the roar of an RT 440 it send chills down my spin. Not mine but i will get my hands on one soon enough.

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