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My garage just got a refresh in the last 3 months...


2015 BMW M235i - Estoril Blue Metallic

2015 VW Golf R - Lapiz Blue Metallic


Considering I cross shopped the S3 and M235 I think I got the best of both worlds now. :)

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I drive a 2007 Ford Fusion SE. A pretty nice car, I enjoy it very much. It only has 115k miles and its cheap to drive at 24MPG. I only have a few things done to it though. I have a Magnaflow catback exhaust system, a Pure Energy 240 amp (I believe its 240) alternator, and a Optima yellow cap battery. The reason for the alternator and battery are because of my sound system. I also have ICW 17" black rims on Cooper all terrain tires.


My system in the Fusion:


2 JL Audio 10" subwoofers - model W0v3 - 2 ohm

Custom ported box - tuned to 34hz 

Powering the subs is a JL Audio Slash Series 500/1v2 amplifier

My headunit (stereo) is a Kenwood KDC-598

In my front doors are a pair of JL Audio C2-650 in component form

In my back doors are a pair of JL Audio C2-650 in coaxial form

I have Dynamat in the trunk, on the door panels and in the engine bay


Unfortunately I have no 4 channel amplifier, yet. (for the door speakers)

And all my wiring is Wirez brand. The power and ground is 4AWG, remote wire is 16AWG and all my speaker wire is 14AWG. I also have a fuse block in the engine bay. And you can't see any of my wiring except for an inch or so coming out of the amplifier and 4 or 5 inches coming out of the subwoofer box. 


I appreciate it very much, I detail it every 2 weeks :bigsmile_face:

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3 cars and 1 motorcycle at our home.



2004 Buick Rainier CXL AWD (mine)

2004 Hyundai XG350 (mine)

2006 Infiniti FX35 (wife's)

2008 Harley Davidson Softail Custom (mine)

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This was my car for 5+ years in Moscow.

VW Beetle 1984.

Eton midwoofers and tweeters.

Technics MKII 1200 turntable + 2 Peerlees 15" subwoofers instead of the rear seats =)

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