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Here's mine, totally standard.


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Here it is! Drives really well. Just needs a few fixes here and there and will be fully set as a daily driver soon
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Porsche 911 Carrera GTS. I have pics on Tumblr and Instagram. I have to post links from the computer. I have no idea what the links are on my phone which I'm posting from right now. It took me a lot of years to save up for it but it was worth it.

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Here's a pic of my fun car. Got it new in 2007, have put roughly $30k into it and am currently sitting around 600whp :) will take more pics soon of interior and under hood if you'd like :)

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Here are a few more.  Sucks at the time I they didn't make an after market Brembo Brake kit so I got Rotora on the back and brembo up front. the red calibers still match though  :)


I also have a good amount of car audio too I just cant find a pic. guess I could stop being lazy and go up stairs in the garage and take one lol



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When i lived in Argentina they use to call alfa romeos a car for like, becuase you wouldnt find anyone stupid enough to buy it off you.

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Here's mine:


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2013 orange Honda Fit. Named Lola


Perdiest car around ;)



Much better then the new 2015 Fits at any rate.

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