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Megadeth - Endgame

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Anyone digging this yet? First impressions have been pretty good. Its actually a lot better recorded than I expected, its not reference, but for a metal album its pretty good.

The album definitely gives a better first impression than their previous one which I absolutely did not like. There's still some rough edges, but the guitar work is aggressive and the riffs are slightly more memorable. Need a few more listens to pick stand outs. I'm not liking the drumming all that much, its just serviceable. its a bit too straightforward for me, could use a little more creativity.
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I went into this album with a lot of trepidation. I think as far as speed metal, this is a very triumphant return to form for Megadeth. The production values are also very good. I don't know that i'd consider it reference material either, but it is very good.

Its been a long while since we've heard anything this fast and precise from Mustaine's crew.
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Terrible album, UA at least had 2 great songs, this one only has 1. Very disappointed, Chris Boderick seems to add nothing to the band.
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Originally Posted by scytheavatar View Post
Terrible album, UA at least had 2 great songs, this one only has 1. Very disappointed, Chris Boderick seems to add nothing to the band.
This is one of the reasons I love Head-Fi, there are so many varied results from an OP's post. Why exactly do you consider this a terrible album?
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I listened to parts of the album via their myspace site and I'm impressed. I'm definitely going to buy this on vinyl once it's available. A true return to form for this band.
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I absolutely hated United Abominations (thought it was perfectly named), but Endgame is much better. I haven't listened to it long enough to place it among Megadeth albums, but I was afraid it would follow in the footsteps of UA and it doesn't.
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This is their best album since the early 90's. I'd really been waiting to hear this one, since Dave recruited the insanely talented Chris Broderick away from Jag Panzer. His solos definitely shine, and remind me of the best of the Friedman days. All in all, it's a very nice album, certainly not on a class with Peaces Sells or Rust in Peace, but solidly in the second cut.
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Endgame is much better than United Abominations and dare I say it might be their best since Youthanasia...
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I like it. Maybe not the best but surely better than some. It did prompt me to get Peace Sells back in the rotation. And I guess Endgames for me has that ability to grow on ya a bit after a few listens. The recording I thought was pretty good. A breath of fresh air for Megadeth.
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Yes I agree with most of the posts here. United Abominations was attrocious, I went and bought the cd the day it came out and went HUH! There was nothing in it, absolute waste of time.

This one on the other hand, started out strong, I like the 2 minute intro to the album, it gives a good taste of the kind of talent in the band, and the song structure and riffing are more memorable once the album starts. I still think Mustaine has lost his lyric writing ability, they used to have a weird sense of humor and the snarky attitude used to make the whole thing quite fun to listen to.

I also don't find the drummer very interesting like I already mentioned. One of the major reasons Rust in Peace, Peace Sells and albums of that era were so good was because of the drummer who just didn't play straight beats with double bass all the time, songs like Polaris, Five Magics, Holy Wars come to mind iimmedately.

Still need to find favourites, I've been running through the album in shuffle and havent found anything to be "boring" or "exceptional" just yet.
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Originally Posted by jilgiljongiljing View Post

Still need to find favourites, I've been running through the album in shuffle and havent found anything to be "boring" or "exceptional" just yet.
Same here - have not found the exceptional tracks yet. Closest seems to be How The Story Ends, which reminds me of their prime late 80s early 90s stuff.

I find the riff (themes) more menacing on Peace Sells and Rust In Peace. Even on first spin of those albums, a handful of tracks immediately stand out. Endgame doesn't seem to have the same killer hooks on the riffs, but the new guy can sure shred on solos.

For me, Megadeth is sort of like comfort food in terms on metal - they are pretty much the same and you know you can count of heavy riffage.

The worst track for me is the ballad ... truly awful.
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This album is awesome! Thrash to the core, and good Thrash too. It might not hold candle for Peace Sells and whatever, but comparing it to them is oxymoron. Dave was younger, with all the emotion storms and strong opinions and all. (thrash was very emotion driven back then you know) But this album really destroys everything Metallica has done since JFA. And when comparing latest albums only, Death Magnetic hints that old farts might still have that Thrash-thing somewhere, but in the end was so mediocre... Endgame doesnt hint anything but Thrashes like hell shows that Megadeth is still going strong.

I cant find any, other than the ballad one, bad songs in this which is rather miraculous. I can count albums which are 100% quality with one hand only, two hands if stretching.

Ballad just seems so out of the place that I think it was just added as filler at the very last minute. I just leave it out of the equation.

Now, this isnt best Thrash-album ever by long shot (those spots are reserved for Morbid Saint - Spectrum Of Death and Demolition Hammer - Epidemic Of Violence in my book), but it is definetly one of the better Metal (all genres) albums released in last few years.
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Excellent album! I think it's their best work since Countdown To Extinction. The tracks that stand out to me are: Dialectic Chaos, 1,320, Bite The Hand, Head Crusher, and The Right To Go Insane.
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Solid album, there best album in my opinion since Countdown to extinction. As others have commented, no real classics as such but all the tracks are of a good standard, some truely great musicianship demonstrated.

Did not expect much from this album but having read it was a return to form I thought I would give it a try and have not been disappointed.
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