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I found these ADDIEMs on ebay and am wondering if anyone can tell me whether or not these are fake.
APPLE MA850G/A IN-EAR HEADPHONES WITH REMOTE AND MIC on (item 270457595266 end time 21-Sep-09 23:15:06 EDT)

I've been looking at getting these but would like to know if these are ligitimate or not. Thanks everyone.
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No way to tell. They used the right SKU number, MA850G/A. They are also used. The box looks real enough, but the photo makes it look too long (could be just a distorted photo). I would say since they are used and only two pair of tips are unused, it means someone used them more than just open the box and return them, which is like new. So odds are good they are the real deal, but again, they have been used ... and not a little.

Anyway, you would need to check if the seller has sold other ADDIEMs and then connect it to the feedback for those sales if possible. Only way to tell in my view.
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