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chaintech av-710 installation

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Well, I have recently purchased a chaintech sound card because i got it for cheap off ebay . however it is currently not working. I have put it into a spare PCI slot and loaded up the software and its not being reognised at all. Also i noticed 2 inputs on the card that looked like some sort of power thing should be plugged into it. can anyone enlighten me to if i need to plug anything extra iinto it or should it just be a simple plug and play
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You plug it and install the drivers; in the back you have the speaker out connectors. If it is not recognized, try to move it to a different PCI slot. If it still does not work, maybe they sold you a dead card.
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CD-in Aux-in

Insert the card, start Windows and a message should pop up saying, "new hardware found." Install drivers and you're good to go, its fairly simple...
If Windows doesn't detect it, there could be a problem with the card. When installed go to My Computer- Device Manager or Right Click My Computer- Properties- Hardware- Device Manager. Do you see any yellow exclamation marks?
You should look over the card, make sure nothing looks funny or smells weird.
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