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I bought the Labtec from net Direct Bargains a few weeks ago. No problems. Arrived fast. Big City Closeouts has it through Amazon as well. Why did he try to contact them versus just ordering it?

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Creative Aurvana Live aka re-badged Denon D1001s w/Labtec LVA 7330 mic. Sorry for bad phone pics. The mic-branding is no longer there, took it off with nail polish remover, though the red circles remains (pics were taken beforehand).



I'm not liking the double sided velcro, so the mic is going to be permanently bonded to the CALs soon.


Thanks to Fragtality for this mod. Mine looks nowhere near as good as his, but it's 100% functional.


What did you use to hold the AD700 and mic's wires together?

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Finally gotten the mic from the shipping.


Attached to my ad700, doubt i will need to post any picture, quite similar/identical to TS' OP.


Cant wait to diy a splitter tomorrow before i can use the mic, looks promising !

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Do you guys have any female 3.5mm jacks to recommend for installed into the AD700's?  


I would love to be able to run a mic cable to a 3.5mm female connector and hook the little plug in mic from my Razer HP-1's into it. 

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hey im from uk got pair of ad700 but cant find the logitec microphone to do this mod. could some1 post a link maybe pls ?

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Do you mean the Labtec LVA-7330? That's what Fragtality used.

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Do you mean the Labtec LVA-7330? That's what Fragtality used.


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I dunno what that means, but I got the same mic for $6 on Ebay...

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can you send me a link to the site and page you brought it from as i cant find any labtec LVA 7330 mic anywhere :(i checked netbarginsdirect

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Anyone tried this mod with other headphones? Thinking about doing this to a MDR F1.

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i would also like to know where this mic can be found or any other mics like this

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That would be better but it would void the warranty.


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i think better then doing this would be to rewire the headphones and have the mic go down the same wire makeing it look just like a real headset
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Ooo never saw this thread before, but I actually did a very similar mod a few months ago except I didnt know about a nice low profile microphone like this one I used another headset as the donor.  Im using double sided velcro since I dont always want it attached and I have more than one pair of headphones.  Using industrial strength velcro it sticks nice and firm but I can remove both the microphone and/or the velcro if the need ever comes.


Made a little video about it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-dqoM2WWRw

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Another request for help finding a Labtec LVA 7330 or its replacement model that will serve the same purpose and easily mod.


Found an LVA 7330 on Amazon that was listed on 1/9/11, that listing did not even make it 24 hours heh.  AD700's arrive on Friday with my mic!





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I can't find the mic anywhere


Can some post a new link where stores still sell this?


(amazon is always sold out or available)

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