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Any harm in adding a resistor with low impedance phones?

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I have a plug that functions as a p to s converter for Etymotic ER headphones, but I sold my Etys a long time ago. The plug includes a 75 ohm resitor. And I am curious just to hear what would happen if I use the plug on my Denon MD5000's with their low impedance. I am listening these days out of the headphone jack on my Harmon Kardon receiver, and I read in some other threads that the output on receivers often does better with higher impedance.

But due to my lack of knowledge about electronics, I wanted to check first if there is any reason not to try this. Could it harm the Denons in any way?
Are there any other concerns or is it worth a try? It may mess up the sound, or who knows maybe it will do something I like.
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Try it. It won't hurt the headphones.

Though it will change the sound. Maybe slightly, or maybe dramatically.
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Thanks, that is good to know I wont hurt the headphones. Now I just have to find it. It is buried somewhere.
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Do post impressions afterwards.
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Will do, but possibly not for a few weeks due to life pressures.....
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I finally got around to trying the 75 ohm resistor plug with my MarkL Denon d5000s. As expected it did affect the sound, but not very dramatically. And unfortunately the effect is a slight veiling or softening of the sound across the entire spectrum, but especially in the bass. Not good.

I just ordered a pair of REO iem's from Head Direct, so maybe I will continue my experiment with them.
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Make sure you volume match. Adding impedance may lower the volume, which would make sense given the characteristics of what you are hearing.
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Yes I did notice the volume drop and adjusted ( by ear) but still felt that the sound was very slightly muffled, and definitely but still just slightly muffled in the bass.
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If the impedance curve isn't totally flat, which it isn't, you'll get a slightly altered frequency response.
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I just posted on another thread my experience using the adaptor with some REO iems from Head-Direct and I like the effect with those headphones. Here is the post:
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I also tried this plug with my UMX3s and it had a similar effect as with the MD5000s. A veil over the sound and in this case a very definite disappearance of the bass.

So far a good effect with one set of headphones and not so good with two others.

*my 500th post!
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I use one with Grados with my amp on high gain. Gives it a fuller sound with more bottom end.
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Alright...where can I buy such a plug aftermarket?
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I was gonna buy one to lower my cd1k high sensitivity(32Ω/104 dB), but I don't want the bass to disappear...good thing I didn't order.
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the usual single driver response has an impedance peak in the bass so the expected frequency response change with high drive impedance is a boost of those bass frequencies

although some cans claimed to like OTL tube (high output Z) amps acutally have rather flat impedance vs frequency curves and should be insensitive to high/low drive impednaxce
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