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Best open headphones for classical under $150 unamped?

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Thoroughly enjoying my HD25-1 II's that I got off of another Head-fier and based on recommendations from you fine folks. Great portable headphones. Also have a pair of SRH840's coming which, from most reports will be just right for me as a pair of closed at home listening phones. So thanks!

Now, I would like to test out some open headphones to see what they bring to the table, in particular to my classical music. I am looking for big soundstage and airiness I guess so it feels like I am in a concert hall instead of a recording studio. I do like bass, but am not a basshead. I like crispness to my treble, but nothing too bright or loud, as I have sensitive ears. I do want something I can listen to for hours.

Although I am looking into amps, I have nothing more than an E5 right now and if I get a pair of open headphones, I won't be getting an amp any time soon. I need something that can be driven pretty easily by my Sansa Clip with or without my E5. And budget is $150 or less. Used is fine if it gets me a better pair of headphones.

Let the suggestions roll in! Thanks.
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Probably the ATH-AD700.
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I would have to agree that if you want to listen to Classical, The Audio Technica AD700's would probably be your best choice, they do not need an amp, and are supposably extremely comfortable. Also from reading on here they seem to do extremely well with classical music with their large soundstage.
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Used HD595?
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Used K-701/2, for around $200. You can try on FS forum. Maybe with time some nice amp.
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Sennheiser HD555/HD595 work pretty well with classical I think - nice and open. Audio Technica AD700 may do a better job providing a more realistic soundstage and imaging, but will have less bass.
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Originally Posted by Acix View Post
Used K-701/2, for around $200. You can try on FS forum. Maybe with time some nice amp.
Will these work well unamped? Or with my little e5? If I drop coin on these (they definitely do appeal), I won't have money to get an appropriate amp until some more school loans come through or I sell my car.

Hmmm, there is a used 595 for sale. Would the AD700 still be better for sound staging? I might have to get both and see which ones sound better. Sigh. I wish there were stores in Tampa that carried a bunch of good phones to try.

Thanks guys, keep em coming!
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another vote for AD700
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The Senn HD485 is not bad. It sounds like a HD580 with a mid bass hump and a little less detail. They don't need an amp and are very comfortable.

Another option that would be better with an amp, but is OK from an iPod, is a vintage AKG K400, K401, K500, or K501. When it was in production, the K501 was one of the most recommended headphones for classical. The others sound very similar and are cheaper, when you can find them. They will kill your battery life.


For those recommending headphones they've never heard, stop. If you haven't heard them, you have no idea what you're talking about.
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I think I am going to pull the trigger on the AD700. I can get a brand new set online for $80, so the price is definitely right.

My only hesitation right now is that I am trying to sell a bunch of stuff (car, diamond engagement ring, some silver tableware, and some computer stuff) so I don't know how much money I am going to have. If I make out better than expected, I might skip the the AD700 and a beginner dac/amp like I have been planning and jump straight to and K701/2 or AD900 with a more powerful amp, since those should be a bigger step up (and hopefully not make me want to upgrade so quickly).

Thanks for your suggestions and please do keep them coming if you have more.
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The AD700's are on their way to me. Thanks for everyone's help. I think I will have a blast comparing all the phones I have or have coming.
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