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Which earpads for Grado sr325's again?

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I have the bowl shaped pads, and these are hurting like hell!! i used to have the radio shack comfy ones on my grado sr60, and those were very comfortable. what type of sound difference will i get if i change from the bowl pads to the RS comfy ones? too bad i dont have those comfies to test fit anymore.
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You'll get used to it, did you just get the 325's? Belive it or not the pads do in fact break in.
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i've been wearing them for about 2 weeks now. my ears still hurt after prolonged use.
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You won't necessarily get used to it! I waited 3-4 months and never got used to it. I could only listen 30 minutes at a time with the bowl shaped pads. I switched to the radioshack pads and never looked back. The sound isn't quite as good but I can wear them for 2-3 hours. The grado pads just don't work for some types of ears, broken-in or not.
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Though I have the Grado SR-60's, I am using the bowl-shaped pads with them - and the biggest problem I have with them is that the pads I have became mushy in the center of their thickness. Maybe I should try Tyll's suggested "rubber-cement" mod with those bowls.

I also have the comfy pads that originally came with my SR-60's, but the soft foam is relatively dense, so the sound gets muffled. Unfortunately, I don't have an Exacto knife; otherwise, I would have cut a quarter-sized hole in those comfies!
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Anyone else remember the great sock modification?

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Could someone please give me some info or a link for this "rubber cement" mod? I do not recall ever seeing this. Thanks.
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The "rubber cement" mod is not a mod per se - but it simply means using something like contact cement to hold the inner edge of those bowl pads onto the outer edge of the SR-60's driver housing.
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hey erikiksaz, You're not alone. I have the RS-1's with the new pads and I didn't think my ears would ever adjust to the Grados! I tried the sock fix. Unlike chych who was smart enough to use colored socks(great pic chych)--I used a small portion of white sweat sock--it helped but not enough- and needless to say it did look kinda funny, in fact i almost wound up choking my girlfriend who incessantly poked fun at me; quote "you buy these really great headphones and then put socks on them--ha ha ha" Yup, she was asking for it. I also tried the radio shack 33-379 pads and they were even better comfy/ascetic-wise, but i kept wondering if they were filtering out sound--in all honesty on some days i could hear a difference and on others i could not--probably has to do with music selected and source etc. Finally, one day i went to audition a cd-player--at a shop i had never been to before (cool shop-like a sanford and son junkyard but loaded with all kinds of audio goodies!) and the guy said he had a pair of sennheiser pads that fit the grados--forgot the model # but he said the pads were bright yellow(Someone once upon a time mentioned these pads at headwizers) He took one look at my RS-1's and said these need to be stretched out-they're too tight. He proceeded to stretch my "baby" so hard that i nearly wet my pants in apprehension! After he gave them back, I put them on and "Lo and behold" if they weren't all better! He wouldn't even let me see the senn pads (i don't think he liked the idea of those god-aweful yellow pads on the woodies )Headroom has a diagram for stretching out the grados- i thought i had bent them enough but apparently not. Ear fatigue is now down to a minimum--takes at least a couple hours (usually more)before they become uncomfy! you might try stretching the 325's a bit--good luck
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basically, the bowl pads suck. uncomfortable and they sound bad. period.

I use the 'comfies' from my SR-60s, then I take the cloth lining thing from my HD495s and put them over the pads

works great. plus, no socks! ; )
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I like the socks. They take the edge off of the treble and are more comfortable.
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