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^good cause i will go check out

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Levi's 505 Selvedge

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Been on a mission the last 6 months of physical recomposition. Muscle gains are great as is all the fat lost but... well, none of my jeans fit me any more, all need a belt just to be held up. Doh! Can't decide if it's a good or bad thing that I need to start from scratch, I suppose good because I've developed a clearer idea of what I like...


Anyway started off my impulse buying as I saw a load of the Monochrome 511s on sale over here pretty cheap - gone off faded/washed out colours completely so got the antracite grey, black point, petrol blue and blue 2 ones... a W30 L30 seems to be a great fit for me - fitted but not too tight. I tried the 508's in the same measurements and they were like clown pants at the waist - didn't bother trying a 28W as I was happy with the 511s.


Want some more Diesels too, not a fan of most of their fades/washes, but I've got my eye on a few of them like the ones that have the almost herringbone type look.


After that I want to check out the UniQlo MIJ slim fit ones, then I'll check out some of the selvedge/raw stuff.

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my father is Levi 501 collector for the BIG E models

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Rakuten is offering free shipping right now.  This might be a good time to shop for some Japanese jeans.  :smile:

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Jeans are verboten at the office, so it's either wool slacks or chinos there. Corduroy passes the dress code, as well. If I'm going out, I usually run with khakis or cords - they're a little dressier.


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From left to right: Samurai S710XX 15th Anniversary Edition, Pure Blue Japan XX-009, Fullcount 1101 and Samurai S0500XX.


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