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Yes it's hard to break them in because I only get to wear them on weekends.  You might like it more once your pair becomes soft and smooth to wear.  Those jeans are expensive but it's better than spending money at a casino.  biggrin.gif

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I just shrank my first pair of 501 STFs. I bought them in 31W 36L, a bit longer in the leg than the tag recommended (my normal size in 514s is 30W 32L, and 31W for 511s), but they were $25 at Ross, so I decided to go for it. After mostly drying, the legs seem to be about 33 inches now, but the waist is still pretty loose. Do you guys think I should put them in the tub for a second rinse? I'd like to get the waist a little tighter, but I'm worried that the legs might shrink too much, and that it'll lose too much indigo (it didn't lose much the first time, though).

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I soaked mine in hot water for an hour, followed by wash and dry in a machine.   Some denims can be stretched by wearing them, especially in the waist area.  

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I followed this guide for soaking them. Haven't machine washed them yet. After letting them hang to dry some more, the waist shrank a bit and the size is now perfect.


Still a little long, but I usually cuff my jeans anyways. This is how big the waist is:


Very little play, but it feels great.

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Made sure to wear my USA Made J-Brand "Kane" Raw denim for my engagement photos. Man these things make me look sharp!
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always loved the diesel zathan - esp. 772.  not so in style anymore since they're a bootcut and flare a tiny bit.  probably one of the most sought after jeans at one point.


i usually get Levis 511 - slim yet stretchy and comfy


have a pair of sevens and paper denims, but especially 7 jeans are so played out now



This thread reminds me of styleforum.net.  Rarely go there, except to sell a coat recently... but wow, an incredibly snobby bunch as a whole.  Take a flamesuit if you ever venture over there.  It's what I expected head-fi to be like before I became a member here------only to find the complete opposite.    AWWWWWWw   <3 

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Levi's Capital E Matchstick is a slim fit as well.  

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Bought a pair of black 3sixteen+ jeans, the 721BSP model.  The color is awesome, but they hardly shrank at all and the legs need to be shortened by about 4-5 inches.

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I don't know if people are familar with some of the Japanese brand denims, but I own a pair of Samurai S5000BKs for years now and they've faded beautifully. I also have a pair of Helmut Lang Straight Cuts for more casual non wrangler look.

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A few of us here have Japanese denims, but my denims haven't faded much.  redface.gif

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So it's Kohls brand, these aren't $100 jeans or vintage levi's:


I recently got a pair of Marc Anthony slim cut jeans at Kohls, cus I had $40 bucks in store credit that was about to expire. I was going to get some shorts, but it turns out 31W is a weird size there, I don't get it. I got them because these jeans were the only 31x34's in the store, but they've made me a fan of the line. They fit really well, which is unusual for me because I have a narrow waist, but tall, thicker leg. The coloration is good on them and I think they'll wear pretty attractively. They're also really soft and comfortable for being as dark as they are. Definitely worth looking at if you see them

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Just got some new 511s. Not sure if they're raw or not (is there a way to tell?).


Not sure why the selvedge doesn't have the red line through it - well, I DID buy them from eBay. L3000.gif


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My Capital E and LVC 501s had red lines.  Raw or unwashed denim would shrink after a wash or soak. 

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Maybe only Levi's that are made in the USA have a red line through the selvedge (mine were made in Cambodia). I do think they are raw, they're pretty stiff, and I read that for Levi's, "rigid" means raw.

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Blue In Green has items on sale.  The money raised will go to Red Cross.  smily_headphones1.gif

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