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Is it a YKK zipper ?  They are available everywhere.  

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So I'm taking the dive on my first raw's soon but I can't figure out the difference between

just plain raw: http://piperlime.gap.com/browse/product.do?searchCID=4016&cid=4016&vid=1&pid=901214&scid=901214002

and Raw Selvedge? http://piperlime.gap.com/browse/product.do?searchCID=4016&cid=4016&vid=1&pid=101599&scid=101599002

Are these both raw denim with just selvedge seams on one of them?

EDIT: I think I may have answered my own question. These are both raw one just has selvedge seams. It's a shame the weight isn't listed on the other one. I have a ton rewards for the Gap and Piperlime, one of the stores they own sells a limited selection of raw so this is essentially what I have to work with.
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Did some design work for my sister's work-mate... she's given me a Selfridges gift card despite me protesting it was minimal work and required no payment. Everything in there is reaaaaaally expensive.... but the jeans aren't too much more in most cases than what I've paid for before... what to get...


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Originally Posted by EmptyTalk View Post

I might buy one pair true to size and wear without washing, and then another pair oversized so that I can wash and shrink them before wearing.  That will let me compare the two techniques over time.


What happened to the inseam length?  Did that shrink up 3-4 inches?

I decided to buy 501 STF "true to size" and not wash or soak them at all.  Size 30 seemed at little snug at the store, and size 31 seemed too baggy in the seat and didn't look right.  So I got the 30 hoping that it will stretch out a bit over time.  If you read my earlier post, I said that I have been wearing Levi's 569 (Loose Straight) for many years.  In contrast, these 501s, which I'm wearing now, feel a little too tight in the quads - almost uncomfortable - especially while sitting at my desk.  I am hoping that they will continue to stretch, otherwise I fear that I bought the wrong size.  Ideally, I would like the thigh area to be a little larger and the leg/cuff to be narrower (perhaps tapered but not skinny).  I don't know what's wrong with my stature, but my legs look like inverted cones lol.


If this 501 experiment goes well, I might consider some good Japanese denim next.  Maybe I'll save one dollar a day for a year so that I can afford the good ones.

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Samurai S5000VX 17oz denim



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Where did you buy the Samurai jeans?

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Blue in Green.  blueingreensoho.com

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Im currently about a year into some Iron Heart 634SRs. They are finally starting to really show some wear. LOVE heavy denim...

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I have an Iron Heart 634 one wash.  The denim is unique, it's thick but soft and smooth.  

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Originally Posted by Audio-Omega View Post


Samurai S5000VX 17oz denim

Those steve madden oxfords? I have a pair for the office.
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They are Barker Harrison boots.  

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Iron Heart 634



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Oni Denim 1001HM


I got this pair yesterday, it's a light weight 14oz denim.  The feel is a bit rough at present, similar to my Pure Blue Japan.



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A-O, your closet must be full of jeans.  Must be tough to break all of them in!


I finally bought my first pair of "good" jeans, from the Self Edge store in L.A.  I was intending to buy a Japanese brand, but walked out of the store with a pair of Roy jeans (made in the U.S.).  At this time I honestly can't say whether or not I am convinced that they are worth the purchase price, but they are definitely very well made.  Way heavier and thicker than the Levi's 501 jeans for sure.


The video clips of Roy making the jeans are awesome, and they really influenced my decision.

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