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What's the best computer desk?

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What's the best computer desk? I currently have an old Ikea Jerker desk that has suited me well for several years but I'm beginning to need more space with my audio gear and 30" monitor.

Ideally I'd like something stable, looks cool and is ergonomic, and has a 2nd level for a monitor.

Anyone have suggestions? If you have pictures, please post 'em!
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i have a jerker too =D i like it...but i need more space(yeh i need a desk bigger than the alrdy big jerker lol)
i was actually looking at buying two ikea vika desks and placing them side by side.
may suit ur needs too
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This has served me well and you can add to it. Sharper Image Stockton Office Collection Main Desk
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I have a Z-Line L-shaped desk. Lots of space!

Although I want a custom-made metal, sometime in the future.
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If possible, I think a wall-mount for the monitor would work a bit better than a second level. You can place it at a more ideal height while also freeing up desk space. I currently use a Vika with a table arm.
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It's kinda hard to make a recommendation without knowing your budget... but since you've mentioned that you want the best... hopefully the following selections will accommodate your need.

Crate and Barrel Home Office Furniture

Mac&Mac: Desks - Contemporary

Quatuor - Milk Desk Holmris

Or you could just get a Desalto Link, it should suit your Mac Pro nicely.
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The one you have a local artisan/woodworker build to your specs.
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Best desk ever

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I like the ones they use at Apple Stores. I've always wondered where they get them. Solid wood, nice, thick and solid.
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Originally Posted by iriverdude View Post
Best desk ever

AWESOME .... :-)
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A piece of plywood with custom specced cutouts for sliding your body in... and shelving built to your needs. That's what I use. I'd post pics, but my desk is a mess, all 4x8 ft of it.
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The GALANT desk system is an awesome choice for durability, expandability and versatility. If you want a tablet for your monitor, you can just use some Ikea spare parts and make one yourself.

Also, I second Samgotit's thought about a wood desk by your local woodworker. The feel of a 1.5" thick hardwood desk is something special you can't get form anything else.
Here is a picture of the desk one of my buddy had a local woodworker make for him. The epoxy-like finish made the surface undestructible. Please disregard the temporary-messy-showoff setup. (the legs are 5" thick)
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wow those glass shelving look pretty unstable..box then stand some cd cases then the glass and the speakers.
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