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Portable Amp for Grados 325i

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I recently bought a used pair of Grados 325i (not the new 325is version) on Head-Fi from Zombie_X (great to deal with by the way) and looking to buy a portable amp. Zombie-X re-cabled them with Nucleotide wire. Currently using a 5th Gen I-Pod using Apple Lossless codec. Not sure if I want an Amp/DAC combo but am considering it.

Looking to spend no more than $500. Any suggestions?
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Go with the HeadAmp Pico.
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I would say SR325 is excellent with the P-51 Mustang. If you like the thrill and shine of the SR325 then the dry sound from the P-51 makes this even better. I am sure a PICO is great too.

If you want a cheaper bargain the D10 is a great match. You can change the OPamps in the D10 and elsewhere on this forum you can find the best match for SR325.
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Thread should be in the portable section...
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Yes it should be in the portable section. However the P51 or the SR71 (original) will be a nice combo w/ the Grado.
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I love the d10 with my Grado 325is' - great price and incredibly versatile - when not using as a portable solution I use it as a dac with my Little Dot mkIII and my k701s shine!
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I appreciate everyone's input. Thanks for taking the time to let me know your thoughts.
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Anything by Ray Samuels Audio is sure to please.
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The Millett Portable Hybrid amp is considered a synergistic match with all Grados according to several sources and members I have asked. You should check it out.

I'm so pleased with the amp (driving my K701s) that I just bought another one. They are now selling at TTVJ for $379 - $80 less than what I paid for my first one.
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My 325i sounds good with AE2 and Portaphile maxed out version for portable amps.
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Pico sounds best with Grados
Also it is a great Dac, you wont find better one for you Grados
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I'm thinking about getting the iBasso D6 to use with my Grado 325's and my Cowon J3/Alienware laptop.  I'm still on the fence as far as a portable headphone amp goes.

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x3 pico, really nice with hf2 & sr325is.

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D12 + HiFlight Upgrade  

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