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interchangeable cable IEMS

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Sorry if this has been beat to death, search string "interchangeable cable" and "removable cable" didn't come up with much,

Other than the IE8, what other portables/IEMs allow for changing out cables? I have spent a lot of $$$ on earbuds, IEMS, and other portables over the years and they ALL eventually end with frayed/cut/broken wiring connections. I don't know how many perfectly fine drivers I have thrown out in the past because of some cabling failing that probably didn't cost much at all.

So I pretty much refuse to spend any more big $ on portable cans unless they allow me to swap the cables.

thx much!
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Sleek SA6. I have a pair for sale in the other forum.
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The majority of the upper-end Ultimate ears product line.

Also, sleek audio has an interesting cable attachment. an actual jack on each monitor.

a few more, that i can't recall at the moment. IMO it's a valuable feature. One of the reasons i bought a 5 pro, which i've already had to replace the cable once due to oxidization.
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Ultimate Ears' offerings allow this. The cable of ER4 is exchangeable as well (not recommended though, IIRC).
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dang not a lot of choices out there eh.

thx for the suggestions!
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