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Much appreciated on the speaker advice. But if I can't justify the "extra" headphones, I can't justify the speakers either.

(When I say "justify," about half of that word's meaning is "hide." I apologize for any confusion. )
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I was (or am) in a similar situation. For me, I actually sold HP2 (purchased recently) right after receiving JH13 Pro. I sold HF2 and D7000 also. I think I will just keep my modded W5000 because they aren't neutral and very fun (I like its bass alot). So I pretty much sold all of my headphones after JH13. Might grab some lower-end headphone though for fun (K501 or DT880 or HD580/600). I also thought about selling W5000 and going with JH13 and HD800, but I wasn't too impressed with HD800 at the meet, so I don't know yet
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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post
Mine is not to argue which sounds best; I personally can't stand the K1000 for more than a few minutes, and so would never choose them over the DX1000. But this isn't about me - it's about you.
Props to Skylab for this unfortunately rare ability to step outside one's own head and get into the POV of the person requesting advice. There are so many egocentric replies to to requests for advice. Skylab's response is refreshing and should serve as an example.
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You already have the answer in your question, obviously these are K1000 or X1000, or maybe both.
To me, its easier do not own many, but you is not me, kind of cliche, but luckily not for me...
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Honestly I'd probably just sell the sr200 and maybe even the dx1000 and keep the k1000 and jh13 as your open and closed/iem phones.

It just makes sense to me.
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What Duggeh said.
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I say sell the DX1000.
Simply for the fact that it is in current production, so if you regret you could easily re-buy one.

The JH-13 Pro and K1000 would make a nice pair. One great sounding portable for on the road, and a spacious sounding one back home.
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Actually, having not heard the JH13. I wonder if it's really just for portable. Can it hang with the top headphones for home listening?
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I think you should send them all to me. I'll inspect them and tell you which to get rid of. When the time is right. Maybe.
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If your selling the DX1000's I'd love to buy them off of you(given a certain price range).
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I am in the same boat with 5 headphones. I am going to keep 2 and sell the other 3 (actually I got rid of one already). Rather than looking which ones complement each other best, I've decided to keep the 2 that I listen to 99% of the time even if they are very similar. For a long time I considered keeping more and enjoy the complementarity but I very rarely reach for the other 3 and when I do I quickly swap them for one of my preferred 2.
The only thing that stops me from selling them now is that I'd like to write a review before selling them if only because I have been looking for a comparison myself before buying them. And I'd like to sell them to buy my next pair.

All this to say that ranking your headphones by decreasing time on your head should help you reach a conclusion (either way) much faster.

And I second haroT3k, let us know for the DX1000
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I'm going to have to agree with the folks who voted for the stepping down of the DX1000 as it is currently in production. That is if you enjoy all the headphones you mentioned all equally depending on mood.

I've seen countless K1000 and DX1000 for sale threads, but only one SR200 thread and even then it was filled with a few pages of "OMGOMGOMG" until a moderator stepped in.
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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post
Sell the DX1000 and the K-1000 and put the money towards a good pair of speakers. Both of those should land an excellent pair of used speakers which will give you the bass you love and the soundstage of a K-1000.

Squirrel away the SR-200 - those are tough to find.
I agree with this guy
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