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K1000, DX1000, SR200: Which is the victim?

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I have more headphones than I can justify. Some people have more (and will laugh at me), some people have less (and will laugh at my "dilemma"), but after I received my JH13 pros, I have more than I can justify.

My other main headphones are the AKG K1000s (with a Signature 30.2 amp), the JVC DX-1000s (which I lugged, with the stand, back from Tokyo), and the Grado SR-200s with HP1000 drivers. Obviously each of these, including the JH13s, has a very different sound and feel.

Now, which one should I get rid of? Obviously it can't be the JH13s; they're custom. I should sell the one whose sound I like the least, but I don't have an obvious candidate for that. So I'm thinking along several lines:

1. Which one is duplicated by another in the pack? If I'm forced to choose, I guess I'd say that the JH13s sometimes overlap in the same sonic place as the Grados -- I'd reach for each for the same kind of music. They also are somewhat like the AKG 1000s, but of course the imaging is so completely different that they aren't even the same listening device.

2. Which has the highest sale value? I'd get the most money if I sold the K1000s with the amp, which I use only for them. So I'd have more cash on hand than if I sold any other, and I could use that to buy a portable amp and other stuff that I'd eventually sell again.

3. Which is the most rare, and therefore most difficult to find if I want to purchase again? I think this might be the SR200s; there are fewer sales of them than K1000s.

4. Which is the least all-purpose? The DX1000s for me are almost solely about bass -- I don't reach for them unless there is significant bass. But that also means that I should keep them because I can't get the bass sound like that out of other headphones. (See #1.)

Please don't tell me just "you can't sell the k1000s" or "grados rock" or "I'll take them off your hands." Also unhelpful are "keep them all" and "do what your heart tells you."

But I could really use help not in making the final determination, but in framing the questions. I'm wondering (a) what you think of the answers to my own questions and (b) what other questions I might ask myself to make the decision. Maybe you regret selling something in the past because you forgot to consider x -- what's x?

(Yes, this is how I make decisions.)
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If DX1000 are "almost solely about bass" then I think that's the best candidate for trimming (if you're serious about wanting to trim). Sure, sometimes you'll miss the bass, but you'll miss SOMETHING no matter what you sell. Also both the Grado and AKG are hard to get these days; you'd want to hold on to them just for that reason.
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DX1000. It's the only one that you'll have a better shot at buying back later if you start to regret selling it.
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I see more K1000 for sale than DX1000 I can tell you that.

I can also tell you I don't really care for either, and was positive but lukewarm toward the HP-1000.

I ****ing loved the universal JH-13.

So my choice is sell all three plus the Redwine and then buy an Omega 2 and SRM-717 or KGSS, after more than 3 years no other headphone as jostled away the O2 as my ultimate choice for awesomeness, although the R10 was VERY VERY good.

If I buy another headphone it'll be the JH13.
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Definitely the JVCs in case you ever have seller's remorse.
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I think the SR200 and JH13 probably overlap the most because they both have that balanced, neutral, invisible quality.

But I'd sell the JVC's because I kind of think it's silly to have a pair of phones just for bass. Better to have 2 phones that you like more overall, even if they do overlap. And the SR200 is just so unique and beautiful.
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If you really want to downsize, I suggest that you sell the ones that aren't good all-arounders, such as (in your case), the DX1000. In addition, ones that overlap can go, too. That means selling your SR200. I don't know anything about the market for Joe Grado headphones, but selling those two could free up some funds for a real HP1000 in the future, in case you ever want one. Not sure if that's a good argument, though.

Another thing you could ask yourself is whether you want to sell any at all. You've got a great collection there, and every headphone fills some sort of niche. Superficially, it's cool that you have a pair of wooden headphones (I can't wait until I can afford my first pair), and I would keep the DX1000 just because of that. The K 1000 is very unique, and lots of people still think of it as the holy grail of headphones (or earspeakers, whatever). Keep it and enjoy it for several more years; if you eventually decide to, sell it during (hopefully) better economic times. The SR200 is rare (and supraaural, so it's different from the rest), and it's portable. Could be a great headphone to take with you on roadtrips, for example, as an open complement to your JH13.
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as another idea, as much as I love the Joe Grado's, thinking for you, I think nothing but the K1000 and JH13 would make a great collection on their own.

They are such opposites. The K1000 has that amazing soundstage, and air, it leaks a lot, and is not portable at all. The JH13 is isolating and super portable, and IMO has excellent bass where the K1000 might leave you hanging sometims.
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rhythmdevils makes some good points.
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I'm loving this and reading it all carefully -- thanks for your thoughtful opinions. I'll react a little later, hopefully after a few more put in their $.02. So far the arguments for (against?) the DX1000 make a lot of sense -- I wonder if skylab (who I view as a DX1000-lover) will weigh in . . .
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Sure...I will weigh in...to say that I strongly recommend selling NONE. Unless you are in financial need, variety is the spice of life. Keep them all, and use whichever one suits your mood at the time.

If this is not an option, then sell the DX1000. Mine is not to argue which sounds best; I personally can't stand the K1000 for more than a few minutes, and so would never choose them over the DX1000. But this isn't about me - it's about you. The reason I suggest to sell the DX1000 is that it is a current production headphone. The others are not. If you ever really regretted it, you can buy a DX1000 any time (at least for now). The others, being OOP, would be harder to get back.
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Originally Posted by rhythmdevils View Post
I think the SR200 and JH13 probably overlap the most because they both have that balanced, neutral, invisible quality.

But I'd sell the JVC's because I kind of think it's silly to have a pair of phones just for bass. Better to have 2 phones that you like more overall, even if they do overlap. And the SR200 is just so unique and beautiful.
I cannot concur with this sentiment. Again based on listening to the HP-1000 and not the SR-200 with HP-1000 drivers.

The JH-13 were clean, neutral, extended and natural. Even in universal form they were impressive and musical and very very good.

The HP-1000 were fun and neutral enough, but I'd be very hesitate to call them like as transparent as the JH13 or O2, there was certainly a midrange layering which was like a psudo HD600 kind of effect the soundstage layering was more clear and more clean on the JH13 but not as far apart in the headstage as the HP10000 and the Bass and Treble did not go as far out in each direction at all on the HP1000 compared to the JH13. And so I coannot concur with the sentiment the JH13 and the SR-200/HP1000 are more similar than not.

Offloading more things offers you the possibly for a proper upgrading, wherea sellign one thing or another offers you another sidegrade.

IF you really like all of your headphones in some way, and they all please you in some way with the musci you like then you're already happy in one capaicty. If the JVCDX1K aren't doing things as well as your other headphones, you shoud be able to swap them for or sell them and then buy, something else which will present you things differently (persoanlly for th emoney they're worth, I'd consider a John Grado model, the HD800 (which will cost cash+) or go a bit sideways and investigate the Koss ESP950, Stax 2020 or an Orthodynamic and see hwo you like a taste from the Planar side of the fence.

I also, out of my love for the O2 must again advocate a dump for them. Nothing images like the O2 and few headphones as are effortless once you feed them real power, if any.
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LOL - bottoms up
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Sell the DX1000 and the K-1000 and put the money towards a good pair of speakers. Both of those should land an excellent pair of used speakers which will give you the bass you love and the soundstage of a K-1000.

Squirrel away the SR-200 - those are tough to find. The DX1000 should be in production for some time still and there were over 12,000 pairs of the K-1000 made.
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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post
Sell the DX1000 and the K-1000 and put the money towards a good pair of speakers
Best idea yet. While the K-1000 and HP-2 are my two favorite headphones giving the slight edge to the K-1000, listening to speakers is simply next level.

And keep the SR-200s. I'll buy them from you down the road for their drivers
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