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Sleek Audio Message and Promotion for Head-fi members

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Dear loyal Head-fi Members,

It has been an exciting two years working with the Head-fi community as we’ve launched our new products and watched our vision of tunable earphones come to fruition as we’ve introduced the SA6, CT6 and Kleer W-1 wireless system. Many members of Head-fi have played a big part in helping us improve our products and evolve them to better serve the audiophile community. From adding the treble ++ in the SA6, to changing the way we create the acoustic chamber for the CT6, your feedback has been paramount to our success.

With the help of Head-fi, we’ve taken the good and the bad from members to re-design our SA6 v.2 model and new detachable cable. We took into account the main concerns members have had with the SA6 and created a new model that addresses those issues. We’ve extended the chrome to cover the treble port connection, doing away with the compression rings and adding substantial durability to go along with a slightly new look. We’ve also improved the way the drivers are set and tuned, allowing for even better overall performance. We have also been able to do away with the “hiss” on our latest wireless option.

Next we re-designed our cable. The new cable is lighter, stronger, more comfortable to wear and has less microphonics. All connections, including the 3.5mm jack, Y connection and coaxial connections are now incased in a hard sub assembly to prevent shorts and cable disconnects. Also, at the advice of head-fiers, we did away with the 90° jack and went with a straight design.

Because your advice has been invaluable to us we would like to say thank you to everyone here at Head-fi . We, along with some of our vendors, are offering discounts on our SA6 v.2 (currently available on the website, all SA6’s are version 2) and our CT6 and CT6 Aura customs. When you purchase the items simply put Sleekheadfi in the discount code section in your cart before the checkout section.

We hope to continue receiving meaningful feedback from the Head-fi community as we introduce exciting new products that exceed your expectations for quality and performance.
Thank you for your support,

The Sleek Audio Team
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Ok, so I have the old style earpieces, oh well I can live with that. I have the old school cables, oh well I can live with that. I do have to say having the old wireless with the hiss is really disappointing me.

Oh, and do you folks do any remolding? I wish I could turn my original style SA6's into customs since I cant get myself to spend the $300 for the CT6 when I already have the same pair of headphones basically without the custom part.

Thanks for the discount, it is I'm sure appreciated by those of us that haven't already bought basically everything :-)
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who are the other vendors?
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At the very least one of them is SoundEarphones (
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they dont accept the Sleekheadfi coupon code.
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Go to their forum. They have their own code.
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When does this promotion end ?
Or it ended already ?
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just tried the coupon...not working

need new tips and bass ports, since my cat thought that my toys were his as well
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Eeeek !
So fast ?
Was thinking about getting the sa1 using the coupon..
Oh well.
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Originally Posted by Junliang View Post
Eeeek !
So fast ?
Was thinking about getting the sa1 using the coupon..
Oh well.
I got mine from Headroom. Great store and excellent cust service! plus the SA-6's are on sale there to boot!
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