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Silly AKG K 315 Review

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i needed some cheap buds for a new player until i make up my mind on which iem's to buy. wanting to get them quick, online order was out of the question, and the diversity lacks in these parts so i went for the k315's.

out of the box, with no burn in, plugged them in and... checked for some club-bathroom type effects that somebody might have activated on my pc's sound card at work... there were none.

superbass... more like solely (sh*tty) bass.

the difference between these and the sony stock buds is like the difference between the sony's and the sf5pro. plus, if you shake your head too much (read: 2-3 times) they fall off.

bottom line: don't buy (wish i had this advice before getting them. well, to be honest... i did, but it wasn't from here so i ignored it)
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Reminds me of the time I bought the Sony MDR-XD100s thinking "all full-size headphones must be better than earbuds". My cheap Sony earbuds at the time were much, much better. In fact, it was the XD100s that got me into hi-fi, as I immediately bought a pair of Senn HD280s and gave the Sonys away.
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I have to agree with this review. Out of the box, the clarity sucked when compared to my AKG K 14P. I was hoping that they would be similar, but they are not even close.

wugnt, I was wondering if you have gave it another try after some burn in.

Would anybody know of a pair of earphones under $30 that sounds similar to the K 14P?
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Sorry, don't think any amount of burn-in could improve them as much as they need. They've been sitting on my desk ever since, didn't give them a second chance.
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No, under $30 14p is definitely the best.

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I bought K315, thank good i didn't spend more for K317.

They sound really bad, it's like u listen sound behind plastic housing,

they are not opened enough from back and front.

and they do not sound flat at all, no bass no middle heights.


And yes they are a little too small, with the soft cover installed they almost stay on ear if u turn them to certain angle


I bought them from closed box, i didn't see how small they are or if 317 are larger.


My Sony earbuds from ~ 2000 or 2002, sounded much more flat ($40, 8-23kHz, winding plastic box, woman picture on box)

Don't remember the model but the round part that went inside ear was really large, blue and silver color.


I keep them as backup to listen news from radio or something.

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The k317 sound much better than the k315, according to a review from digitalversus.

I'm looking for a replacement to the k317 , because I love them, and I miss them (broken).

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