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I am looking for offers for amps to pair with my Senn HD650's for a pair of 2.5 month old SE530PTH's. The Shures come with the original metal box, paperwork, fit kit (although the medium black olives have been used I will clean and you can clean as well with alchohol), the zipper case, the PTH modual, and I have the original reciept so you have pleanty of time on the warrenty. I just don't find myself going out that much with these and would rather have a nice amp for my 650's that spend hours on my head every day. I am looking for preferably something warm and tubed like a Little Dot MK IV or maybe a Darkvoice. I am open to SS as well though as long as it is a good match for the 650's. If you have something with a built in DAC that would be a plus as well as I mainly use my laptop with lossless files as my main source. So I am open to all kind of offers just shoot me a PM or email me at and feedback is in my sig.