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Any gapless support yet?
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Also the SO905i is by Sony Ericsson, not Sony. They are a seperate entity co-owned by two companies, whose headquarter is in London
However, SO905i not only not intended for sale outside of japan - it is even not intended to work outside of japan (except for roaming).
What about kenwood? HD60GD9 was sold only on japan market, and it has an english interface.
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Originally Posted by shigzeo View Post
the article says it supports atrac, that is why.

as for flac, i know that it is smaller. but mp3 can also be used losslessly now. if the sony properly plays mp3 files, you can get mp3hd to work on it - who knows.

if sony don't bay the licencs from thomson , how it will work on ? you need driiver or plugin to fuly get losless from MP3HD , don't it ?
and please forgiv me on my poor eanglish
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This model is perfect for my needs - as I don't like touchscreens, I just hope it sounds as good as the X series.
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Originally Posted by leveller1642 View Post
Any gapless support yet?
As with all Sonys, if you get the one from Japan with ATRAC support and you use that codec, you get gapless. If you don't, no.
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BTW, what is better on bitrates about 200+k, AAC or ATRAC3plus?
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Me want, me drool, me REALLY LIKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Is there any confirmation of WAV-support yet? I ask this because dapreview.net states that it only supports MP3, WMA, AAC and ATRAC (Japan only).

Edit: gadgetsguru.com states it does support PCM/WAV. It would have made no sense too if they had dropped WAV-support.
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Yeah, it looks very nice, but I just wish that Sony removed that Mickey Mouse design in the navigation.
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Thanks for sharing buddy....
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I'm feeling the love from Sony. Thanks for not disappointing me, i know u got something better than the X. No wifi/internet crap, no touchscreen, just bigger flash capacity and S-Amp. Now, if only they remove NC and bundled NC earphone and drive the price down by $50. And the Mickey Mouse theme too.

P.S: What the max resolution this lil sleek beautiful player can take? Not that i'm interested with video playback, but to gauge the cpu capabilities. X's cpu quite disappointing..
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Audio format; MP3/ WMA/ATRAC/ATRAC Advanced Lossless/ PCM/AAC/HE-AAC
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That does look extremely good, but I must be one of the few people who actually likes the touchscreen.

The extra 32GB is a definite plus, but apart from that, I can't see anything to take me away from my X1060 really, the video capabilities will be about the same, the sound will be no better, plus I can see this retailing at a stupid price in the UK.
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I think touch UI allows you to scroll music faster if you have a big collection. I have about 2600 songs so far on my Sony X and i can navigate to any song or album faster. On my A729 it was click click or click and hold to scroll. Howver i really don't use Wifi, browser, NC or headphones that came with player. So i paid for features i don't use.. But overall touch is growing on me ..

PS: Also i am finding reasons and convincing myself not to upgrade anymore
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Originally Posted by Big Kev View Post
the sound will be no better, plus I can see this retailing at a stupid price in the UK.
Well, who knows. Sony always makes its DAPs sound different from series to series. And if you notice, the retail price in Japan is usually 100$ higher than everywhere else saved Canada. If it hits the US, the 64GB should be ~300$. But I'll import one anyway since I doubt we will be offered such luxurious selection of colors +gapless and lossless.
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