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I bought a pair of ESW9s from Stacy. This is the second pair of headphones I bought from him. Absolutely a great guy to talk to. He's very patient when answering all my questions. I have learned a lot from his emails which are always very informative. Definitely love to do business with him again!

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Bought his EAD DSP-7000 and received it in a very short amount of time. Communication was also very great and he takes the time to answer any questions one may have.

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Stacy bought my JH13. Absolutely a great guy to deal and communicate with. He's very kind and pleasant, would not blink twice doing business with him again.

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Bought Rudistor NX-02 from Stacy, who is somewhere wayyyy up North of me in Canada.  Super seller, very accommodating,  Excellent followup.  Item perfectly described, well packed. 


All in all, and in all the parts, I cannot recommend Stacy as a seller more highly.




PS.  As a die hard hot glass addict--I actually like this SS amp??!!

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Stacy bought my Goldpoint Headphone Pro. He is an honest and trustworthy person. I can easily recommend him.

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Stacy bought my vintage Stax rig and was a pleasure to deal with.  Glad to know it has gone to someone who is enjoying it. 

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Stacy is a outstanding HeadFi member that certainly stands behind what he sells.


I bought a D7000 that was absolutely in better condition than what he advertised.


He shipped quickly and communicated extremely well with the transaction. I strongly recommend his integrity and found him also a very pleasant person to deal with.


Enjoy music!


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Stacy bought my easter Electric Minimax Dac - quick payment, good communication... good everything



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Bought Stacy Beyerdynamic T1.


Couldn't be more satisfied with communication, packing, shipping and everything else.


Excellent head-fier and very recommended person to deal with.

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Bought a pair of Grado HF2s from Stacy. This is our 3rd transaction. Honestly, I can't ask for more. Fair price, smooth transaction, prompt shipping and great communication. Highly recommended and would not hesitate to do business with him again anytime!

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I bought a RS1 from Stacy. He's a nice guy and very knowledgeable about F1! Great price and the headphone was packaged very well. This guy is one of my favorite Head-Fi'ers to do business with!

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I just bought a Zune 120 from Stacy and as many other people have said, it was in better condition than Stacy advertised.  Could not ask for a better transaction. 

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