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Redbull gives you wings!
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Now that the health police is outlawing smoking, I'm sure something like caffeeeen will be next, then sugar, etc., so don't worry
No coffee, no suga (chocolate)???
What's life for??
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I notice caffiene most when I don't get it.

Splitting, blinding, screaming headaches.

Just one more of many addictions.
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The other day (thursday) I drunk a huge POT of black coffee (measures 10 cups) and I went to bed early and slept like a baby.

I was writing my essay for my Shakespeare class, so I needed it.

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I use anything that has caffeine in it. How did you manage to graduate without it?

Gimme coffee, (coke doesn't have enough), tea, Red Bulls, whatever.

In fact, Red-Bull is an overpriced rip-off. I can drink 2 or 3 in a row and feel nothing. It has an interesting taste tho, so it is acceptable.
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Is there a lot of caffeine in pepsi/coke? I don't know if it's healthy, but i dont drink water. I can finish 24 cokes a week, they usually run out and I'm always thirsty, water doesnt help the thirst.
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oldnametooshort - Coke and coffee actually dehydrate the body so it'll make you more thirsty. The amount of sugar in coke is incredible and should come with a health warning, I drink it myself but only a few cans a week. And I can drink water all day and not need the toilet (H2O is use by the body) but if I drink 1 can of coke, I'll have to go not long after (need the water to get rid of the excess sugar).

And how can water no cure your thirst? try drink a whole litre in one go and that'll sort your problem out.
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If you want caffiene, try taking Pro +, it's caffiene in a pill. I used to take it to stay awake when drawing with the deadline coming up. If coffe doesn't work, try take 10 Pro+* and down it with 2 Red Bull and you'll be awake and hyper for a week!

* (Note - Not recommended since it'll put a strain on your heart)
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Doesn't matter what form you take it in, it's still caffeine that's doing the large majority of the dehydrating.

And my personal favorite for plenty of energy & concentration is Xenadrine. It has the natural equivalent of the ECA stack, and it has tyrosine, which makes it the ultimate combination in my book. Only use it for special events, since this stuff is almost guaranteed to make me not get any sleep at all.
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I love my caffine but have to drink it sparingly. well for me its sparingly

if i have a long day that i know is gonna be long i dose myself up with jolt or columbian cola ( evil but very nice ).
I cant really drink coffee- as it makes my stomach feel bad.

as for caffine tablets - thy acn be very very bad for u.
because of the way that the caffine is taken into the body , your system gets a huge rush. this can casue minor heart palpatations etc. so if u take no doze or something similar be careful. Your far better off having a coffee or other caffinated beverage.
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the worst things EVER are chocolate covered coffee beans.

They are KILLERS! My friends in college tell me that once u get em going while studying, the next day u cant tell if ur dreaming or if ur awake.

Crazy stuff
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