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Justin bought my HD25-1 II. The communication was great and payment was prompt. Would definitely do business w/ him again, thanks!
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sold cardas IC to Justin. good communication and fast payment. would do business again.
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I bought justin's HD-25s which arrived in the exact condition he described them. I put out a want ad for these because I needed them in a hurry! (As in before next week hurry)

I plan to use them for audio recording and I wasn't too keen on paying $200 for them new.

Justin had super fast PM responses and even faster shipping! I paid on the 26th and got them today on the 29th. Amazing!

I can't recommend him highly enough. Very pleasant to deal with, and very professional.

Thanks Justin! You saved the day!
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I wanted to buy a pair of Shure SRH840 from Justin. Unfortunately the deal fell through due to misquoted shipping prices (I'm in the UK)and the final cost coming too close to the price of buying new locally.
Justin was pleasant to deal with and prompt with all correspondence; refunded the paypal amount immediately once it was decided to abandon the deal.
Would recommend.
Thanks Justin
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Justin bought my Headroom Total Bithead and it was a perfect transaction - prompt payment, great communication, great guy to deal with!
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Justin bought one of my tubes that I had around. Good communications and instant payment!! Hope to sell, buy, or trade more soon,,, Boomy
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Got a mini-mini from Justin. Great to deal with. Shipped the cable promptly!
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Just bought an inexpensive headphone cable from FraGGleR. He shipped it quickly and safely. Thanks!
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sold bantam dac, deal went very smooth would deal again.
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Headphonia USB DAC

I sold FraGGler a Headphonia USB DAC cable. He was very pleasant to deal with, and paid very quickly. He was very patient, and just a chill guy.

Would definitely sell/buy from him in the future.
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bought a bithead off of FreGGler, shipped the day I bought it, and everything went very smoothly! Amp was exactly as described, and it was packaged with care, thanks FraGGler, would go out of my way to deal with again.
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I purchased one of Justin's cables. Transaction went smoothly, shipped quickly and communication was excellent. Cable sounds great!

Would definitely do business with Justin again!
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DIY Mundorf interconnect

Justin built for me greate Mundorf cable IC. It diggs a fresh sound from my Cowon player trough RS amp to HD25. The craftsmenship is very pro, price is modest and response was swift. I'm thinking about new requst already and can safely recommend his skills
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Awesome Cables

Justin thanks for the terrific cables! If someone had told me a month ago that cables would make difference in the audio quality of my ZEN I'd have said "nuts".
The cables themselves are a work of art, the attention to detail shows.
I'm looking forward to doing more business with you as my "collection" increases! Great communication, fast shipping, quality custom builds!

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I bought two mini-mini, the "Treasure Chest" (24awg Mundorf 99%silver/1%gold wire in teflon tubes in a round litz braid) and "I never named this one" (24awg Navships SPC in a round litz braid), from Justin. Communication was great and he shipped the cables out quickly.

The cables were very well built by Justin. The "Treasure Chest" sounds fantestic especially for the price he is offering. The sound is open and good high and bass extension. The "I never named this one" is also another good sounding cable. It is warmer than the "Treasure Chest".
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