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Kanye West is a douche.

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Kanye West Interrupts Taylor Swifts Big VMA Win | Access Hollywood - Celebrity News, Photos & Videos

Seriously? I didn't like Kanye West before this, but now he has hit a new low.
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I really don't care...Sure it's bad but worser things happen in life. I only heard about this on Twitter, I don't think much of the UK knows about what happened.
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lol...I seriously dont understand why they even invite him to events anymore after all that has happened.
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Total POS
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What a total dirtbag. I don't watch anything on MTV, it's all total garbage and has been for a long time now.
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Very disrespectful and stupid move and I give credit to Beyonce for saving the night.
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As a 13 year old girl in suburbia, I am emotionally scarred for life.
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I don't watch crap like this either, but I had to comment after CNN thought that this incident and Serena Williams' tirade indicate the death of civility :S
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Who cares? ******* invade every part of your life - these are the people you work with, the people that serve your food and the people that wash your car. This is somewhat more public and that is all.
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i respect Kanye but think he is a real prick for doing what he did--I mean, Taylor Swift is freaking 17! He needs to grow a pair and just learn to be a good sport.
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Originally Posted by apatN View Post
Not a huge Southpark fan, but oh my that episode was Hilarious.
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i didnt know, i dont care, these award shows, pfft haha make me laugh, theyre pathetic
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Totally epic fail.
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Isint this like the 3rd time hes done something like this?
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