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I'm sure a clip would be fine for running. At least my shuffle works pretty well still, I did see new old stock selling a year ago even at buy.com.
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the only player that i know created for runner is yamaha bodybeat
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i would use the clip, its cheaper, better SQ and easier to handle (especialy the new bottonless crap shuffle)
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Another vote for the Clip+
Superb sound quality, better features than the Nano, expandable to 40Gb total once 32Gb micro-sd cards become available and the clip on it makes it ideal for running. It's cheaper too.
A no-brainer really.

As for headphones, you wouldn't be let down by any of the Shure's.
I'm using a Clip with Shure SE530's and it's an amazing combo.
The short cable provided with the Shure's (an extension cable is included) means i can have the light weight Clip hanging on my chest area...easy access.
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What old school design (non earbud, non IEM) headphones do people like hear besides the PX100s?
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Originally Posted by originalsnuffy View Post
What old school design (non earbud, non IEM) headphones do people like hear besides the PX100s?
Grado? specifically for running iGrado?
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I never run with headphones. Too often the situations I end up in are not ideal listening conditions. These have included coming face to face with a skunk, being scared have to death by squirrels running through dead leaves, falling through ice and landing in cold water up to my thigh, then my most recent was almost ending up under someone's Ford Explorer. Running in New England, particularly Massachusetts is hard enough on its own.

If I did though, I might end up buying the cheapest, smallest MP3 player Amazon has, along with a really cheap set of ear phones. This way, if it got dumped on the sidewalk or something, I won't care.
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really cheap mp3 = sansa clip (buy 2gb - refurbished 25$ shipped, dont be lazy to do some playlist dont just copy all discografi ...)
really cheap headphones = ksc 75 - 12-15$ new (repleacable for 5$,lifetime waranty )
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hi, I would like to chime in. For running outside using IEMs with good isolation is not suitable in my ipinion. for the flowing reasons:

1, the noise come from the friction between the earphone cable and body( clothing) is really very annoying.

2, it is too dangerous to isolate the environment sound during runnging along the highway. You need to communication with the environment through sounds.

I also like to run along side the highway. I usually use earbuds. with the suitable fit size and hi quality earbud. it is also very enjoyable. and can fixed on the outer ear during runing.

As for the player can be called "audiophile"grade DAP, you can have more research on the heaffi org. there are some really very decent players in term of sound quality. any way, NANO and clip are not the audiophile grade player to my ear.

Good luck.
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2nd Gen Ipod shuffles, the ones with the clip 1 or 2gb version, and then earbuds from shure, I currently use the Se210 where you can detach the extender and it makes the earbud cables real short.. then I just clip the shuffle onto my beater, thats win! I use it also for jogging. But I'm planning on getting the H20 audio stuff, I'm planning on doing a Ironman Triathlon later on. Hopefully they will allow me to use my shuffle..
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