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Gear for a runner

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Hey guys, I am an audiophile and a cross country runner. I need to purchase a good music player and some IEMs that I can use while running. I am also a college student, so spare cash is not exactely something I have a lot of at the moment. Max budget is about $300, but less is always better. I have been thinking about maybe an Ipod Nano 4th gen (to save some cash, cause I don't need to be able to record video) and of course some kind of armband for using it while running. But I don't know what headphones to pair it with. Any suggestions? Also, if you have a better music player to recommend, or even a good armband, that would help too. If you recommend a different player, it must be lighter than or of equal weight to the nano. I absolutely HATE running with huge mp3 players. But, for the headphones, I need something that will stay in my ears while running, and that can also handle a little bit of sweat over time. Thanks guys!
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Whoops! THis should have been in the portable headphones section. Could a moderator move this thread by any chance?
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The Sansa Clip+ is really small and sounds great. It also has expandable memory and comes in sizes of 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB. I think it would be a better option than the iPod, consider taking a look at it and finding more info.

As for IEMs while running, I don't have many suggestions. I personally don't like using IEMs because I feel they (typically) block out too much noise. With that said, there are some sets that let enough sound in for me. The shallow insertion ones like some Sonys work fine for me.
I'm using the MDR-AS100 that I picked up at the Seattle Sony Outlet for somewhere around $18 and they work great and sound alright. They were made for exercise so they have minimal microphonics and a short cable (+extension) so you can hook it to an armband-player easily. I'm not sure where you live though so I don't know if you'll be able to find them for that cheap.
If you want more isolation, hopefully someone else can chime in with more info.
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you should go with something smaller than a ipod nano maybe. If you want to go with the nano I suggest you to take a look at apple refurbs section in the apple online store. There are plenty of models very cheap.
As for the phones I think it's up to you to choose open or closed ones. Both have benefits: closed will give you a great seal but I think open ones are safer while running since you can hear things around you.
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Best sound I use is the original shuffle (v1) with Ety ER6i.

I like iPods, but then many don't. I use a Mac too though.

Shuffle of any sort (those version2 ones have the clip built in) and this very light weight IEM are really light, convenient, and sound great.

If you clip the cord clip to your shirt or hat, the microphonics are minimal, if you hear any.

If my running shorts have pockets - gen 1 Shuffle, cord under shirt, cliped to the neck.

No pockets, Gen 2 shuffle and cord clipped to my hat.
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Sansa clip + and the koss ksc 35's
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I use Sennheiser PX100 when running and a cheap creative zen stone 2gb. Good enough for workouts.
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Originally Posted by dugforeva View Post
Sansa clip + and the koss ksc 35's
with ksc 75 earstraps.
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forgot to say that you could use nike+ with the ipod nano, may interest you.
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Westone 1, UM2, Sennheiser CX6, IE6, IE7 + Philips mini GoGear(with shirt clip), Shuffle, Sansa Clips+, Samsung mini player.........
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Another vote for the Sansa Clip or preferably the Clip+. The Clip+ has a better clip design (or so it seems from pictures and reviews).

I recommend over-the-ear earphones so you hear less of the cable and more of your music.
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the lightest player out is the ipod shuffle, good player not great though.
But if you are using it to train then it doesnt have to be that quality. Its almost perfect for working out, Sansa clip isn't bad either.
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Sansa Clip or Nano 4g. Both are great.


You have to decide on in ear vs. buds vs. over the ear.
Zillions of choices. For anything but IEM I say go Sony or Sennheiser; pay more you get more.
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Back when I did a lot of running, I really enjoyed my super.fi 5 pro and 1st gen shuffle. You can easily get those under $200 and have a blast.
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First gen shuffles did sound good. I had two of them (512mb). But the batteries were starting to show their age. I think at this point they might be accidents waiting to happen.
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