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In for 2 as well when they are available
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Originally Posted by cobaltmute View Post
FedEx beat their own delivery standard and I ended up getting the boards today...I'll post pictures later tonite when I'm not at work.
The villagers demand pictures!!!
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Pictures r1 board

Here is pictures:



As I said in a PM to someone interested in the boards, I'm not going to consider selling any to anyone until I've at least built one. I need to know it works before I go down that route. I'm waiting on some SMD resistors (should get them tomorrow from Digikey).

The only note on the boards is that due to the break-apart of boards, they are a fraction too large. A couple of quick passes on a file and they are perfect for sliding into the slot of a 1455C801 case as well as smooth for handling.
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hey no problems, thanks for the pics, and the project effort. looks badass
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We were talking about vias earlier and from the pics the only one I'd worry about is the one at C15.
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I've done the top soldering on the first board and the via under C15 came out clear.
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I figured I should attach this. It is a Excel spreadsheet of the BOM. It has all the parts (excluding output connectors and case). It also shows the footprint for those of you that want to look at alternative parts.

The BOM part numbers are all Mouser based as I tried to make shipping as simple as possible and Mouser carries the WM8524 while Digikey does not.

EDIT: as a note as of 10/02/09, the Molex part on this spreadsheet is backordered at Mouser. This is a compatible part number: 56579-0519
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Looks very good. I am sure it will turn out great. Good luck with the build.
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It lives!

Powered up and ran fine first try.

My initial listening is through a Carrie (Mini^3) which is previously unknown to me but initial impression is a very lively sound that has been not been fatiguing at all in the first hour of listening. It has more than enough output to get me to drop my Carrie from gain 5 down to gain 2.

I don't have anything to do a RMAA test as all my input sources suck so someone else is going to have to do the numbers. Doing a laymen's noise test (full volume with nothing playing), I can't hear anything. And anyways, I don't really care about the specs - for me the most important thing is that I like the sound.
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And now somebody is going to ask about boards.

$2 CDN each (loving that overship from GoldPhoenix)
$5 CDN for shipping by Canada Post.

PM me your address and the number of boards you want. I'll get your package ready and PM you my paypal address and the boards will get in the mail the next day after you pay.
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Do you have a Bantam that you could compare it too?
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Bantam no, Alien yes. But my Alien is at work and I wouldn't be able to compare until much later today.
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Someone PM'ed me that the TPS reg I listed on the BOM is on backorder.

You can use either of these instead:

The first one is the enhanced reliability version of the one I originally listed. It is $0.14CDN more in cost.

The Mouser online BOM has been updated to the in-stock TPS.
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For the record, I've added a mylar isolator for the crystal to the Online BOM. Optional but probably a good idea to isolate the metal case from the top groundplane.
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Looked over the spec on the wolfson. 2vrms out put, thats ubber high. I can see why you could drop the gain so much. the bantam is only 1vrms and the very loud gamma 1 is 1.6vrms. 2vrms is 5.66pp, thats enough to pop the 2gain carrie.
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