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Yes. Most of us import or visit our dear neighbor Singapore to satisfy our headphone's desire.

I think your best bet for audio needs in Jakarta is to visit the Mangga Dua Mall which has tons of specialty audio shops but like aragornmustdie mention, the market here is more catered to the speaker crowds so you will see rare pre-amps, power amps, and CD players but not so much headphones.

That being said, we have a small headphone audio community here so give me a PM when you happen to visit the capital so we can organize a micro-meet or something. You have to listen to the ß22, it's an ear-opener.
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Thanks guys - no mention of KL in there, so I'll take it as I find it. Friendly people in Malaysia, but KL really takes its toll on me : one crazy CBD
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@Estreeter, Kect and Aragon,

If by any chance you happen to be in Singapore on the 4th Oct. Almost all of those who posted in reply to this thread are attending a meet. You can see details at Sgheadphones> Home Section > Can Slam 2009.

This would be a good chane to meet you guys. =)
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Yes, I am attending

Indonesian here, studying in Singapore.
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In Asia, the best place to shop for headphone and audio stuffs in order is Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.
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If you are new, you shouldn't go to jaben and get your phones - sorry to those supporters though. They always quote different prices (thats why they never show their prices online or tag their products, you have to ask for the price. Kinda stupid) to their customers and most likely you will get conned badly by them since you are a foreigner. Even locals get conned quite badly sometimes. I got conned quite badly for about SGD$100 when buying a so called 'package' from them. I'm not going to even step into the stupid shop again.

service -
The hypocrite at Adelphi Level 4 - www.hardwarezone.com.sg

price -
Jaben silver bendy cable, not pure silver leh... - www.hardwarezone.com.sg

of course there are more of such threads around if you search for it.

My advice is to get your phones from megastores like courts, best denki if you want to get big brands or Stereo, for brands that aren't so establshed. you may still get conned in Stereo but not at bad as jaben.
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I think so too, Taipei also good for shop!
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