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This is a bit strange because I remember my old K701 from around 2004 or 2003 bothering me quite a bit after several hours. When I switched to the K702 it went away. It could have been that the pad was just the 8 bump version. I've often worn the K702 for 6 hours without any pain.


I got a haircut recently and you could definitely tell the difference in how the bumps felt, but still didn't bother me.


If you don't want the bumps you can try the K601. You could buy the K601 headband for the K702, but that would probably be a huge pain to install...if it's even possible. The K601 is also more comfortable because it's a bit smaller and the pads are not angled.


I think it's safe to say that if you're bald the K702 would be a problem!


Seems like it'd be easy to just attach a piece of foam up top tied on with string or something..but who wants to have to do that!


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It seems that AKG has put a flat headband without any bumps to the newer "version" of K702.



As you know, K702 65th Anniversary version and 712 Pro already have completely flat headbands, but they seem to be narrower than on the basic/new K702.




I find it confusing how AKG alters their headphones without any notice AND at the same time market basically the same headphones (with barely no difference) as different models (Q701, K702/65th, K712 Pro).

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Well this is good news! The price on the k702 has gone some 25% down and adds a flat headband to boot!

Otherwise with the bumps, just cut them out and put a women's pantyshield on instead. (Take a look at my avatar...) Nice, comfortable, cheap and easy to exchange when it gets dirty. 

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