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There is proof in the Sound Science part of this forum and for further reading google audiophile cables and then you have to sift through a mountain of bunk, flame wars and trolling. I agree the debate has never been settled, but I do think that the evidence for and against cables affecting signals, how audible the effects are and whethercable companies can justify their claims is pretty settled.

I know I know, just being silly. I've read some (too much) already and participated in some (unfortunately). I see how both sides are right in what they say but yeah unfortunately it gets way too heated.
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Advice on surviving cable threads


- use the block member option for those who bring nothing new, troll or flame


 - grow some new skin............



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Yeah, I just don't care about it anymore. Thick skin? Whatever. I was just amazed to find that there are people on these forums who I would consider the "crusaders" of the snake oil, cables.

"We must save those who are so rich that they will throw their money away on something that doesn't add 5% to their system because we have scientific proof that under clinical conditions some people couldn't tell the difference!"

That's when I turned around and walked away.

Cheers! biggrin.gif
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I don't bother about what cables others want to buy. I wanted to understand why some said they make a difference and others do not, why the differences often contradict each other and what was the science/evidence behind it all.


If it is appropriate I will post such and if people want to spend money on cables once they have both sides to the debate, so be it.


There are after all very good reason why cables can sound better/different from one another.

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Just ordered some BJC RCA itnerconnects and a Coax cable.


Seems to be the best value for the quality


Thanks for all of the good input here!



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monoprice and stop wasting money on this stuff



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Started using my Blue Jeans Cable Coax and RCA patch cables.... definitely a noticeable difference.


I tried some Monoprice cables (had some lying around) and they were worse than the standard cheapies that came with my DAC.


Definitely a nice upgrade!

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Checkout Zu Cables... They have Sales on Ebay sometimes and you can pick up a pair for a good price usually.

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Bought by few the WireWorld Luna 6. Excellent it details, dynamics and transparency. Paid 44 € for 2 meters length. Recommended.
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Morrow audio cables, lots of discussion and testimonial over audiogon

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I like Harmonic Tech cables.

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I'm going to be hooking up some Epos speakers to a Peachtree Nova. Would appreciate some help on which kind of speaker wire cables would work in that setup...Do banana plugs work with this equipment, or do I want regular speaker wire? I'm probably going to purchase from Amazon or Monoprice.

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TO repeat what others seem to say - I totally agree that Blue Jeans RCA interconnects are awesome. I have them attached to various amps and really enjoy their build and sound. 

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I realize this is a really old thread, but I stumbled onto this seeking clarification about cables so I thought this would be a helpful link for people like myself who stumble onto this thread. nk this just bring at least a decent amount of clarity to this topic. That short article alone wouldn't convince me that cables make little to no difference, but the fact that Uncle Erik says is more than enough for me.

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well, at least it's all clear to you now.....good for you! bigsmile_face.gif

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