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Best RCA cables for the money

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I was wondering peoples opinion for the best quality RCA cables for hooking up my Audio-Gd DAC 19Mk3 to my Audio-Gd-C2C amp for the money?
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Don't know about RCA cables, but Rick at Fidelity Audio makes a mighty nice Mini to Mini. I assume that his RCA's would be the same, as he uses the same cable in all his cables, depending on which series you get.
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Blue Jeans Cable

Very solid work, very open and upfront about their product, and no international concerns for you.
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Either Blue Jeans or the less expensive Vampire cables.
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Kimber Kables Timbre or PBJ.....maybe Tonik. As you can see I love Kimber. Timbre.
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Blue Jeans is usually recommended for having really nice cables at a sensible price.
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Do you mean reasonbly priced but decent quality, or decent quality with stupidly high price tag?
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Having tested cables ranging from 77c to $139 for noise and FR I suggest either Monoprice or Tartan cables, the Tartan are a bit pricier $5 vs $2.39 but they are a bit easier to work with (less stiff), functionally and audibly they are indistinguishable. None of the more expensive cables I tested were notably different on noise or FR apart from some silver cables which had a small noise spike at 8k.

If you really have to spend more money the Blue jeans cables tested equivalently to the Tartan and Monoprice.

If you would like to hear the (non) differences between the cables I tested I have posted some samples on the "my Cable test enterprise" thread.

To date nobody has been able to reliably identify the differences between the cables used.

Remember, the laws of physics are indifferent to how much money you spend and how much you like the physical appearance of cables.
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I would recommend cables from a member here skyline889, they're fairly cheap use quality parts and look amazing.
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Originally Posted by iriverdude View Post
Do you mean reasonbly priced but decent quality, or decent quality with stupidly high price tag?
Ah, yes. That magical price tag, that in itself imbues a cable with equally miraculous sonics.

However some years ago some enterprising folks figured out a way for you to get all the benefits of the high price tag without paying the high price.

Here's their ad copy from back in 2002:

It's the same old story.

You've sacrificed, pinched your pennies and saved up for months. But it's been worth it and the time has finally come. You rush down to your local Radio Shack and moments later emerge the proud owner their best Gold Series interconnects.

You break a dozen traffic laws racing home. You hook 'em up, turn on the power, cue up your favorite recording, and with your hands still dripping with the sweat of anticipation, your heart sinks.

It's like listening to music through a pillow. Big, warm, fuzzy sound. ZERO clarity!

You give Radio Shack a call to see if they can offer some assistance but the guy just started working there and his last job was selling orthopedic shoes.

So you hop on the Internet and start poking around. Eventually you come across a lively discussion group bristling with experienced audiophiles. So you post a message detailing your plight, desparately pleading for help.

Soon you get a reply. It reads:

Until you break the $300 per pair barrier, you probably will still have haze etc... The performance improves dramatically above this price point.

Your heart sinks still lower.

We know.

You'd love nothing more than to own a much higher priced pair of interconnects but let's face it, not all of us have the deep pockets to spend even dozens let alone hundreds of dollars on cables.

And with the uncertainty of war in the Middle East and major corporate scandals breaking every week turning the stock market inside out on top of a looming recession, it's not likely that a pay raise is in your future.

We hear ya, bro.

That's why the dedicated folks at Kludge Research, Inc. have spared no expense and invested countless hours in research and development to bring you what promises to be the most revolutionary audio product of the past century. And bring it to you at a price that even you can afford!

Introducing, the Audiophile Pricetag!

The Audiophile Pricetag will literally transform your cheap or giveaway interconnects into sonic marvels costing thousands of times more!

The Audiophile Pricetag is no ordinary pricetag. It's hand-crafted from the finest materials available.

The heavy-gauge, 99.9999% pure cotton string utilizes a proprietary twisting method which provides a superior connection to your existing cable.

The manila card stock is made custom to our specifications from virgin stands of Douglas fir from the pacific northwest and is hand cut in our factory using techniques hundreds of years old with the price hand-written by one of our many craftspersons, signed and dated on the back of the tag.

Our patented hole reinforcement technology assures that your Audiophile Pricetag will last a lifetime, even under continuous use.

Best of all, the Audiophile Pricetag is being offered at the special introductory price of just $29.95!

Imagine getting the performance of a $5,000 cable for less than pennies on the dollar!

A bit tight on cash? No problem! Kludge Research, Inc. offers zero interest, six month financing. And if you act now, we'll defer your payments until January 2003!

And for the Do-It-Yourselfer, the Audiophile Pricetag is also available in kit form at the substantially reduced price of just $19.95!

Each kit comes with a pre-cut tag, hole reinforcer, string and a tube of glue. The 23 page instruction manual is clearly written and includes more than a dozen illustrations walking you step-by-step from preparation to installation.

Let's hear what just one of our many satisfied customers has to say about this revolutionary new technology:

I was skeptical at first. But that ended just a few measures into the first song when I realized that I'd soiled my pants! You should offer a diaper with this thing! It's THAT good! And if you don't believe me, just moments later my wife who has no interest at all in this audiophile stuff telephoned me from the neighbor's house three doors down and asked me if I'd changed something in my system!

You guys are great!

Baskin Ennison
Runamok, South Dakota

It really is THAT good. In our own tests, we've even used the Audiophile Pricetag with interconnects made from coat hangers and bailing wire with the same result!

Of course all great innovations have had their detractors and the Audiophile Pricetag is no exception. There have been a number of critics who have claimed that any two reasonably well designed pricetags will sound the same.

We disagree. But who are we to say? Try it for yourself risk-free for 30 days. If you don't agree that it transforms even the cheapest interconnect into an interconnect costing $5,000, return it for a full refund.

The Auidiophile Pricetag: You owe it to yourself.

The Audiophile Pricetag is a registered trademark of Kludge Research, Inc. Copyright 2002 Kludge Research, Inc., all rights reserved.

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monoprice "premium." Can't get better for the money. They're often literally just pennies a cable, v. high quality.
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Originally Posted by iriverdude View Post
See this thread

Jeebus! FOURTEEN power cords?

What, are you running active speakers or something?

And I don't think you ordered enough Ultra Purifiers. What were you going to plug the remaining two power cords into?

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Would be 15 once I get a BD player. No don't run active speakers, two pre-power systems, biamping, multiple poweramps. Wouldn't mind couple of subwoofer EQ units...that's two more IEC's, and RCA cables.
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Monoprice or Blue Jean Cable are very nice and fairly cheap.
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