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~$150 bass IEMs

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Ive done abit of research was going to buy AT CKS70 but i was wondering for $50 is the bass improvement ALOT better compared to these or i shouldn't bother? e.g. Superfi 5eb much better overall quality and quantity or not worth it i should stick with CKS70 best bang for buck?
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You might get a lot of replies recommending the Monster Turbines.

There is a guy on eBay called hi-end-wholesale who sells them new for $107 shipped.

With that price, you can't beat the performance.
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can anyone compare monster turbine vs CKS70 bass?
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Look at this thread. It is a comparison of a few of the top notch bass built IEMs.
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Future Sonic Atrio M5 would be one to look at, well known for very good, strong bass note. Pricing new is a little higher then your price point but not too much. As well, you can grab open box ones from eBay pretty much at your price point.
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Some other possible choices:

Mingo WM2 ($90) - great bass impact and depth (as deep as the C710) with detailed mids and to me the treble is just right. There are 2 versions, gold and silver. The gold has a more forward presentation, which includes the bass being brought forward resulting in more bass quantity than the silver's. The silvers have a wider soundstage.

Denon C710 ($100) - huge bass impact and depth, detailed mids, and a good amount of treble energy. Great with electronic, bass can be too much (at least for me) with other genres such as soft rock.
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I'm a bit confused... in this review of the Mingo WM2, the silver version is described as the bass forward model.

"The two versions of the WM-2, Bass (silver), and Vocal (gold) are, as mentioned before, quite similar sounding earphones. The biggest difference in presentation isn’t amount of bass, but amount of corresponding mid range frequency. In the gold version, mids are brought forward, but not so much more than the silver version. After attenuating bass, both present a lush mid-section, but the gold version excels with male vocals which reach deeper and call for a lustier, highly-resolved mid range."

Mingo WM-2 Inner Earphones in Review - The beauty of real wood | TouchMyApps
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I am conveying what my ears are telling me. The gold might be called the "vocal" version because the mids are more forward and the presentation is close to the Cresyn C750E, but with great bass. I do notice more than a subtle difference between the gold and silver. I don't want to speak for shigzeo, but since he was hearing too much bass, maybe that is why he didn't hear the differences I am hearing.

My experience possibly is primarily due to the tips, and of course my ears. Trying standard silicon tips (and the included tips), these did seem very bassy when inserted deeper than I insert my dynamic IEMs. I did not give a lot of ear time to these tips, but once I found the dual flange tips worked well, all my listening has been done with those.

My ears are telling me that the overall presentation of the gold is more forward in the mids and bass. At the same volume level the bass with the gold is too much as it is more in my face like the mids.

I also have many more hours on the silvers than the golds, so the gold could mellow out with age as the silvers did. And these do take the right tip combo combined with time (maybe 200 hours).

I guess we need other WM2 owners to chime in.
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Thanks for the clarification. They both sound like some intriguing phones, but I'm just wondering if they're really necessary for me, owning both the FX500 and C710 currently. I'll definitely keep reading posts on them though! Thanks again for your impressions.....
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No problem. I appreciate your review of the FX500 and comparison of the C710. I do think the WM2 is a brother of those 2, but with smoother, more subtle treble.

EDIT: When I get a chance I will do another A/B of the WM2 with the C710 to see how the presentation compares as far as the forwardness of the mids. From memory, the WM2 is a little closer than the C710.
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At the $150 price point, why look at the C710 over the C751? I've never used the C710 but have used the C700 (aka C751 without the extra accessories). Bass is good because of the V shape frequency response. I personally feel it's a little sloppy at anything above quiet listening levels (amping helps none). I don't know how much more or less capable the C710 will be in this regard. It's mainly a driver capability issue, and I don't know if the C710 is a completely new system.
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C710 is new and improved per the owners of both.
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I think if you want to listen more details in music with great bass extention then C710 and FX500 willbe better choice but S70 and 5EB are really bass heavy and shows enough details in music. I did compare 5EB with E3c and 5EB were showing more details in music than E3c with big bass impact.
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Originally Posted by average_joe View Post
C710 is new and improved per the owners of both.
as per some owners of both
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Most owners?
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