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Hey so has anyone experimented with using a 12BH7 on the V2? Is it safe? I read that in some 12AU7 circuits, you can substitute with a 12BH7 which should be a much better tube, even compared to high priced 12AU7s.

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So no one ever tried it?

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Depends on what sound signature you like. The 880s are neutral with a lean bass and brightish treble, the 990s are V shaped, more bass impact and noticeably bright - to bright for some. The 990s are not as neutral as the 880s but are more exciting to listen to.

Regarding the impedance, I can only say that my Bravo Audio Ocean struggles somewhat to drive my 600ohm AKG K240 DF to loud levels without distorting. It drives my 250ohm 990 PRO very well though, so maybe stick with the 250ohm versions.

1) I tried the 990 and 880 and the 990 were a bit harsh on the highs, the 880 less so. So I think I need warmer sound.


2) What other good open back headphones with high impedance would sound good with the Bravo v2?


3) The consensus is that the Bravo V2 cant handle 600ohm? 


4) Will Bravo V2 handle well 300ohm headphones like the HD600?


re 2): I've listened to Grado SR-80's on mine, and it sounds okay, but not as controlled as my DT-770's (300 ohm). The gain of the Bravo is a bit much for the lower impedance cans.


re 3): I didn't see the post that said 600 ohm cans are too much, but I would be surprised if that didn't work... on the other hand, if you're listening with 600 ohm cans, you probably need to spend more money on your amp/dac than a bravo :D


re 4): Yes, it drives my 300 ohm Beyer DT-770's just fine.

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