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Well I'm finally trying my little new V2 amp.

I almost immediately changeg the stock tube. I think it sounds decent overall but on stoner rock songs the instruments are blurred and I can't appreciate the voice. Even if basses and highs are defined, mid ranges are totally killed.


I am trying these new tubes now, a Philips:



And a jugoslavian International Servicemaster Electron Tube


I can say they improve greatly the amplifier though I prefer the second one. I think it can manage better the whole amplifier.



I would like to try an RCA clear top.

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Originally Posted by XipeTotec View Post

I was trying to figure out something about tubes, anyway.

I am searching ebay for some good deals and I'm seeing they use different codes to mark different kind of tubes. So, I'm just trying to understand for example, the difference between a 12AU7A and a 12AU7 and the difference between ECC82 6189 5814A.


Any tips for the newbie?


Sorry bro, was offline for a few weeks.


12AU7 and 12AU7A is basically the same tube. You will not hear a difference. I think the "A" model is just something that came out later.


ECC82 is the European marking for a 12AU7. That's all.


As for the others: there are numerous similar tubes for this particular family. The best reference I've seen to easily/quickly explain those is Brent Jesse's website here.

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My first post! New to the tube amp scene. My V2 should be delivered tomorrow. Excited to try some different tubes in it☺
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Just bought a second hand Bravo Ocean. However it was dead on arrival. Tested it and it does seem to the valve. Any suggestions for a suitable replacement ?  12AU7 I believe.  


Edit: working fine, looking forward to trying my first taste of valve amp with my phones.

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Great little amp but I wish they'd put a gain control. Pretty useless connected to my CD Player/ CD receiver as volume is ear shatteringly loud at 1/16 to 1/8 volume.A bit uncontrollable to say the least. I cant imagine what the rest of the volume range is for when attached to a 'proper' HiFi output; the Ocean can surely drive any headphone out there !


Decided to use it as a bedside unit fed by by iPod Classic or Sony A15 (which has a particularly feeble line out) and it seems great for this purpose whilst looking pretty cool.

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