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Originally Posted by ear8dmg View Post
Got an email to say it had been shipped. Bit random for what must have been early Sunday in HK. Fingers crossed.
Me too,plus about eight others on ebay last night.I tried to ignore it but just had to hit the button.Just what i need, another amp!! Still it does look cute
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Mine's just arrived. Just had a quick look at it. Build quality looks sturdier than expected. Some of the connections people thought looked supsect are glued down. Tidy job too by the looks of things.

Not sure I'll have time to try it this eveing. Could be the weekend before I give it a spin.
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Originally Posted by Mr C View Post
So this guy sells amps and tea.
Hmm why does this sound strange.
It isn't strange at all. Nothing's better than listening to music and sipping some good tea.
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Well mine was shipped 14 days ago and still not arrived, nor has a ransom note from the VAT man....
Maybe soon ....
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No customs note for me. I'm on some sort of roll. Never had to pay one yet.
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Very cool. I'll look forward to hearing comments when they arrive.
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Well - it turns out I do have time to get in a quick listen. The good news is that it sounds pretty good for the money. Fantastic improvement over my CMOY for smoothness and realism of tone (harmonics etc) and detail with my DR150s. The bad news is that it's a bit of an RF/EMI magnet and the volume pot is noisy anywhere above a pretty low setting (Edit: buzz in mid positions and hiss at high volume). I need to go and find something to use as a faraday cage...
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Had mine for a day now,Does sound good for the money ,thou is really a desk top toy.Got a pair of 1960's Philips (dutch) 6DJ8 valves last night on fleabay.Will give it a try,if anybody in uk wants the other one give me a pm .My volume pot is inky black at all settings,i must have a faraday cage i didn't know about,!! May not work best with grados,but they are all i have these days so cannot compare..Might just go back to the LD1+ later tonight..Nice blue glow thou..
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I suspect I'm getting noise because it's being used near my PC and wi-fi router. Get the blip-di-di-blips when my phone goes off too.

Managed to find a spot on the desk where it doesn't get the wi-fi buzz now though. Very nice little amp if you can keep the noise floor down.
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Mines in the next room,on its own shelf on a TNT flexy rack,this could explain the total silence.Shame cause i bought it to go on the desk next to the pc. Just as well MR Grado made me buy an extension lead.
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Anyway - now it's in a quiet spot - switched to my NS1000s. Spent the last 20 minutes or so grinning like an idiot.

Don't ask me to make rational judgements on it just now. Enjoying the music too much.

Edit: Never used a tube amp before so novelty factor is high and expertise pretty lacking.
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Saw a picture of this in another post. I WANT one now. But they are $80+$35 shipping from indeed on ebay. Is that what you guys were paying? There are a couple regular auctions but they are already around $30-40 with 3-5 days left, which means they will probably get up close to that $80 mark. A headfier said he got it for close to $30 and is very pleased with the sound. Are these worth $115?
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Originally Posted by Koyaan I. Sqatsi View Post
Don't be afraid. It won't bite. It's only running on a 24 volt DC supply.

You want terminal case of the willies? Check out Don Garber's open-frame designs.

I have a Fi X and the sides have perforated sheet metal along the edge! The only worry would be curious small children!
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One for me on the way too Already got Philips valve. Can't wait to try this cutie.
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I picked mine up from the PO yesterday - but it looks like it took a beating in transit - the volume knob is all skewed and scratched. So I set the volume at halfway, then powered it up and attenuated the input - worked ok.
Nice sounding amp - very nice for the money - much better than a Cmoy and cheaper too. Going to make a nice little office rig - well after the volume know problem has been sorted. Makes you realise how little is required to get good sound, and how much we spend on 'cosmetics' like a nice case, volume knob, I/O jacks etc - but no place for little fingers!
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