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IC: Rockhopper Audio Buffalo DAC

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Looking to sell this gorgeous looking DAC. It was featured at CanJam 09 and received many positive responses.

Photo courtesy of vpi. Since then it suffered a slight nick en route to me. The nick is as if someone dragged a dime across one of the edges. Noticeable only if examining.

Here are the specs:
Twisted Pear Modules used throughout
Buffalo DAC modules utilizes the Stereo ESS ES9008 Sabre Reference Audio DAC
IVY output stage (I/V stage); puts out both single-ended and balanced signals
Twisted Pear TOSLINK module using a Toshiba TORX 142LF module
Twisted Pear USB module (Texas Instruments PCM2707 USB DAC)
Voltage can be configured by user for 100-120 or 200-240 V AC.

More details can be found on the Rockhopper Audio site.
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Tentatively sold!
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