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The most famous / iconic Cover Art Ever? - Page 6

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Addey Road, but honourable mention to

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I have to go with "Dark Side of the Moon" and/or "Abby Road". My honorable mentions go to, The Pixies "Surfer Rosa" and Nine Inch Nail's "The Downward Spiral"

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Honorable mention, but I have to vote for DSOTM.


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Abbey Road/ VU and Nico of the 60s

London Calling/The Wall/ Dark Side of the Moon/ Led Zeppelin IV of the 70s

Born in the USA of the 80s

Nevermind/ Illmatic/ Dangerous/ VS / Automatic for the People/ Things Fall Apart of the 90s


There's a lot if you truly think about it...

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Below the Belt - Boxer (NSFW)
We're Only in It for the Money - Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention (take that you Sgt. Pepper's people  )

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Makes me smile.......



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The original 'naked ladies' cover art for Jimi Hendrix's Electric Ladyland was every boys dream. I posted it, but just like before it was considered too racy and was replaced with this.......



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I also vote for abbey road for the most iconic album cover i can think of.  but here is another good one just for fun...




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Rage+Against+The+Machine+-+Rage+Against+The+Machine+%281992%29.jpg How about this joint?

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More iconic than this?!

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Originally Posted by cdailey View Post

Not the most iconic or famous, but pretty important and I think will be more iconic and famous in the future.

First you would have to explain to your grandchildren that music was stored on foot wide disks that were easily damaged.

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