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Professional okay?

Nokia N900 Review (Phone Arena Reviews)
Nokia N900 review: A new hope - GSMArena.com
Nokia N900 Review - Smartphone Reviews by Mobile Tech Review
Nokia N900 - Review, Part 1 - PhoneDog Cell Phone Videos
Nokia N900 - Review, Part 2 - PhoneDog Cell Phone Videos
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Oh sorry. I meant audiophile specific review. I'm already pretty sure it will be just fine for my no-longer-pristine ears, but wondering what people around here will be able to make of it; after you know plugging it into their multitudes of amps and cans and ER4S's...
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I would like to hear how the N900 fares when plugged into your SR71 and some various headphones, for example. I guess it would sound 'good'... so maybe a dumb question. But you get the idea. Very interested.
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That's what I figured. Sorry, this is all I can give you:

Nokia N900 review: A new hope - GSMArena.com (Audio quality test and stats, according to GSMarena)
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too many bad reviews [and delays] put me off this phone a while ago now
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I'm in Australia, and I'm pretty sure it will take awhile before it reaches Australia.
Was planning to wait for N97 mini but I guess it might be awhile too.

So I signed up for N97 for 2 year contract. Read some mixed reviews but I have the feeling that the phone is great (bad review because people are comparing the Symbian with the iphone apps).
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The man issues with the n97 is that symbian is fairly archaic (even compared to WinMo), the keyboard is relatively poor, and it's very underpowered. With so many better alternatives, it's just not much of a competitor in the current smartphone arena. If I had to go symbian, I'd go with the Samsung Omnia HD for the hardware.
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The thing is I don't like Samsung as a mobile phone, been using Nokia forever. I don't like iPhone too. Actually it was between the N97 or Sony Satio.
With Sony Satio I have to pay $5 extra over 24months, but that's not really the concern, the thing is Satio doesn't have keyboard (I prefer hard buttons), and from what I can see, the obvious benefit Satio has over N97 is superior camera and the way it views the pictures only.

But I can live without top camera in the phone, and I personally think Nokia has better overall look, that's why I got the N97.
N900 probably will never come to this stupid country, so I had to settle for N97.
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Yes, I might agree. Nokia phones can be worst. They always have a new model but every new model became unpleasant because it is prone on giving up when it has too many memories. I stopped using Nokia a year ago. Right now, I am happy with my Samsung phone.
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I just picked up the N900. Quite a nice step up from the E71x I had before. HP out is decent, better than my old nano, not quite my current iPod. The software is pretty sweet. I've spent way more time in terminal than I ever thought I would on a phone, but that was mostly because the application manager sucks, apt-get was much quicker. 


I have no complaints other than battery lasting about one hour too little for me on some days.

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