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Audeze LCD-1 head count

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Audeze have sold out their first run of the LCD-1 so it's about time we get an idea about how many of these new planar magnetic cans ended up on head-fi-heads.

So did anyone else get one?
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this list turned out very short :-(
(got to go grow another head)
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haha . Maybe the owners are too engrossed enjoying listening to their Audeze LCD-1 to take them off and post .
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that must be it ..dB
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I was about to get one but they sold out ;(

maybe the next batch.
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if they see there's enough interest, they'll make more I'm sure. I would imagine it's a matter of economy of size, and of deciding on changes, and of pursuing not just one but many ideas, as most entrepreneurs do...
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(I hope they make another production round so that more people get the opportunity to hear these.)

Now take your LCD-1 off for a moment and post your head so it can be counted!
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I know they made 25 of them. There should be 25 heads to go with that.

With some recordings, it's weird how the LCD-1 just places me in the midst of the music, as if the headphone wasn't there.
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wish I'd kept the pair I had. it was #25 I think. but it was bad timing, and I did not...
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I was a little bummed out.  I gave Alex my name at RMAF and bugged him a couple of times, but my name got dropped or never added to the list.  Now, I am supposedly on the list for the second batch.  I hope so. I wanted these phones after about 30 seconds of listening.


So now, I, you, we all wait until______?


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Although I'd most likely love the sound of the new cast iron lcdx (if I had one, it looks great), meanwhile, I am still very much enjoying the lightweight LCD-1 with its soft ear pads, and amazing sound for ambience heavy music. 


I hope there will soon be a contender to the LCD-1, that goes for a light comfortable design, in some fancy new ultralight space-age plastic composite. 

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