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Does anyone know where I could find a copy of the manual for this DAC? It sounds interesting.
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I just bought one of these that will be arriving next week, I was wondering what type of tubes I can replace it with, incase I feel like tube rolling?

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Thanks I saw that tube mentioned on the previous page, I should said what other tubes beside that one, I noticed the we 396a is also listed on another thread, so any 5670 or we396a tube should work right?
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I don't know yet from personal experience, but looking around it appears that:

5670=2C51=396A and all should work

though again I don't know that from personal experience, just what I read online.
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Update.  This thing has served me well for 2.5 years, but since I need a phantom power XLR input on my rig, I need to replace it.  It's up on craigslist now, but I would be keeping it, if it still covered the feature set I need.  Not a bad track record, at all, since I tend to churn through stuff quickly that doesn't pull me into the music.  And I wouldn't be selling it now for any musical reasons. Just deskspace and a sense of OCD when I buy something new, I need to sell something old.


And the only "maintenance" I did was upgrading the stock tube to a nicer 5670 -- not because I felt it needed it, but "because I could" for cheap, so why not give it a try.

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oh! I didnt even know this thread existed! well, I should've guessed since the last post before your last was 2.5years back!


I am using that at the moment for the past 4 months and yes it is serving me well too.. definitely a well built DAC/Preamp IMO.. Sound signatures varies also with the rollable opamp.. tube not so much as I am staying away from buying too ex a tube other than 5670 to replace the stock 6n3..


but guess what, my small 12au7 tube headphone amp seems to like the Fiio D3 inputs that~ slightly better than XiangSheng's! with soundstage slightly that airy and opening up and relaxing.. 


the verdict is still to be out while waiting for my opamps to arrive and when I am upgrading my tube amp in a few months time to see it XiangSheng can hold anything over the tiny D3!


and BTW, this XiangSheng DAC holds rave reviews in China taobao site.. it is definitely a stellar performer in the Eastern market with its high price/performance ratio...

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What is the "small 12au7 tube headphone amp" that you use?  Note that the xiansheng doesn't route the headphone output via its own tube...

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I bought it from here the chinese ebay http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z0k.1000775.1.112.DN9rai&id=13238136592


my visual takes of the amp





it runs quite hot so I bought the fan cooler from the same seller for the bottom also.. LEDs were added at the tube socket to top off the 'cool factor' by the maker..


yeah, xiangsheng headphone out is SS.. so I am using my HD555 from there output from PC, since it is only limited to 16bit 48khz max..

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