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Good Evening IPodPJ,

A nifty idea. I am not handy at DIY projects. Sure appreciate your thoughts, however!

In any event, I am pleased with the Camelot Technology cable. The search is over. Although, as most head-fi enthusiasts eventually get the itch, I will probably start wondering what else is available.
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Good Evening IPODJP,

This thread is likely deep sixed. I have abandoned the thread myself, almost.

The HDMI re-termination is another nifty idea. I am simply not handy at such projects. Am satisfied with the I2S cable from Camelot Technology. May try a Kimber Orcthid for AES/EBU.

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Recently Srajan Ebaen at 6moons reviewed the Entreq I2S Discovery cable.  A favorable review.  Have any Head Fi members tried the cable?   Designed for the Stello CDT 100 and DA 100 Signature, the cable uses 5 pin Mini DIN.

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Hi El_Doug


I'm going to take your advice with the cat cable but probably go for Belden 74005PU CAT 7 Cable as it is well sheilded :smile:


Could you give me an idea where you found those conectors on mouser ?


I'm actually looking for 5 pin din female versions and male sockets mine looks like the one on the back of my CM6631 ansycronous unit



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