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I just bought an amp (PA2V2) from MacedonianHero (hereafter referred to as MH). MH was very responsive to any questions I had. I rarely had to wait more than a few minutes before receiving an answer. I PayPal'ed him the money Friday night, it was in the mail Saturday, and I received it Tuesday. He even contacted me on Tuesday to see if it had arrived yet.

It was well packed and looks/works exactly as advertised. MH even sent me a pdf of the instruction manual. Not to mention that he was a very nice person and answered any questions I had outside of our transaction as well. I literally can't imagine how it could have gone any smoother, less worry-free, and had better communication than I had with MH. It may be equalled but I don't know how it can be surpassed.

In short I highly recommend MacedonianHero as a seller. I would not hesitate to do business with him again and don't think anyone else should hesitate either.
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Sold Peter my SAA Equinox HD650 cable. Smooth transaction from start to finish, plus superb communication.

Thanks Peter, and enjoy the cable!
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Sold Peter my pair of K701's. Great guy, was very understanding with my difficulties in making it on time to meet.

Peter met promptly and was very friendly! Thanks again.

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bought shure SRH840 from peter and once payment was confirmed he shipped one day after. Quick and despite that the shipping costed 100 usd he were willingly to pay 10 usd for it which was nice of him thoug it will probably be my last ordering from canada lol with that hefty price from the post office

Package was in good condition, put some foam and cutton to prevent movement which gave more protection to the package. Everything was there and headphone in perfect condition so this buyer/seller is recommended for business
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Bought some grado RCA cables, and it was a wonderful problem free transaction. Hope to do business again!!
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My experience pretty much echoes the first post to a T. Great communication. Speedy delivery and timely responses. A real pleasure to deal with. Headphones(DT880) were mint as promised and retail box was packaged inside a bigger box. I dare you to find someone better to deal with. A real role model when it comes to business dealings. Would definately buy from again.
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Just finished transaction with Peter - sold him my Hornet. Good questions, helped with shipping to Canada from USA. Easy to work with.

Positive )
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Hi all,

When I first heard Peter is from Toronto I first had horrific flashbacks of the 1993 World Series between the Blue Jays and the Phillies when Mitch 'Wild Thing' Williams gave up a home run to some guy on Toronto. His name isn't aloud to be spoken in Philly, but everyone knows his name! But since the Philadelphia Flyers have hoisted the Stanley Cup more times since 1967 than The Leafs, all the misjustice has balanced out!

None of that has anything to do with the Nuforce Icon Mobile I purchased from Peter. Unlike sports rivalries that might be there between Philadelphia and Toronto, nothing like that happened here. Peter is a hell of a guy. The transaction went as smooth as the mids of the Shure 530 with non of the roll off.

I kid around because Peter is great to do business with. I would do it again without hesitation. And so should you.


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Gotta say it!


Sorry, I just couldn't resist!

Sadly though the Leafs are battling for last place in the NHL tonight!
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Peter and Bithead

Easy to deal with. Fast transaction would deal with again. Fast response as well
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Great Transaction

I purchased some earphones from Peter and he was very, very good about keeping me feeling warm and fuzzy as they made their way to me.

They were well packed, perfect!


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Sold Pete my Triple Fi's.....was an absolute pleasure doing business. Highly recommended!

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Just bought a pair of the awesome HD650 off him! Works great! Nice and friendly guy to deal with. The transaction was smooth as butter.
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Bought a SSA Equinox cable from Peter. Transaction was super-smooth. Cable was in excellent shape, as described, and packed very well in the original packing material along with all of the documentation from the manufacturer. Indistinguishable from new. I highly recommend buying from Peter and would do so again in a heartbeat!
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Bought AKG K701 from Peter.Very good communicating and smooth transaction, cans were in great shape in oryginal box, would buy from Peter again, very nice guy.
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