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Anybody have/had heard or used the Monster turbines and could do a quick comparison for me?

Used to have the monster turbines. Tried them for an entire trip to florida (12hours there, 12hours back) and had them burning in like 2-3 nights before the trip. I was really disappointed for the price point. Which at the time was like $100ish

Edit: Just saw the spotify tracklist. Awesome that you have The Flaming Lips on it. Just started listening to that album and it's amazing. I can't wait to hear it on the RE0. Maybe add some animal collective? A bit different but idk, worth a shot.
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i think joker has both of them in his multi iem review
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Hello all! I'm in the process of purchasing the RE0s, but I have a question that has been on my mind. Are the foamies included good with the RE0? I'm fairly anti plastic, and I've read that some people have been going to modded Black Olives, which leads me to believe that the included pieces aren't very good.
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included at 3 different sized black single flange and 2 double flanges of 2 different sizes. All of them are silicon. Foam eartips are not included. I liked the black tips and they were comfortable but the olives are just much better
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These people after me bumping the thread,

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Try comply t400; comfy, secure and great isolation.
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Wow I forgot how awesome this forum is lol. I had my mind set on the S4's for my next IEMs, but after reading about the RE0's my decision just got harder. I am leaning toward the RE0's. The two pairs are identical in price and the RE0s seem to rival some higher end IEMs.
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I actually prefer the RE0 over the FT10

for all those who thinks the RE0 lacks bass, try using the biflanges.
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Owning a pair of ETY er4p's, I am contemplating purchasing these. But, there doesn't appear to be a whole lot of differences according to the descriptions and such. Any input on this from anyone who owns both?
How does the bass compare?

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I don't know about the ER4, but the RE0 is described as "bass-light". Yeah, it lacks some weight and presence in the bass and gets drowned out easily in noisy environments (the bass that is). A bassy amp and maybe even with bass boost may help. They have a very natural sound, where as the ER4 doesn't based on what I've read. I personally love mine just fine. I do not like how they sound with the biflanges, but that's just me. I use the stock black silicon buds/single-flange tips, whatever they are called, lol. Their sound is smooth and very detailed while non-fatiguing, too.
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Two weeks with my RE0s now and I really like them. Compared to these my PL50 is trash.

Anyway, I've heard about two little mods I can perform:
(1) Remove the filter
(2) Remove the foam behind the filter

How does each change the sound? Also, how do I replace the filters? Do I just tear them off from the white piece of paper and stick it on the earpiece?
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I prefer the HF5 (unmatched driver version of the ER4) to the RE0
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Yesterday, I squeezed Ety triflanges on my RE0. Nice isolation now.

I also got it paired nicely with my nano 4g and cmoyBB, which is warmish amp. Even with bass boost off, the bass becomes very present and nice to listen to.

Mine has the foam removed, so it has the more forward mids, too. Overall, the sound becomes more fun, if not quite as accurate.
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How does one remove the filters? I feel like that if I try to peel it off, it will tear. I'm trying to preserve them so that I can stick it back on.
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Just use tweezers and take them off. Included in the box that they came in should have replacement filters.
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