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Concentric Pots

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I don't have a very extensive shopping base, but I need a concentric(stacked) pot. I have looked at digikey but have not found what I am looking for. I am wondering if anybody here knows where I might aquire one of theese.

-thank you.
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If you're talking about the kind of knobs used in car stereos that have the volume in the center and tone as the outer you might be out of luck.
The only one I know about is this 500K Audio taper at Stewart-MacDonald.

This won't work for stereo. For that you need a dual pot.

Clarostat and Noble both make tiny modular pots that you can stack many sections together - you might try their websites.

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Here is a picture.
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That just looks like a generic dual-ganged pot, basically a dual/stereo potentiometer. I don't particularly like these kinds because sometimes you can move the bases of the top and bottom very slightly, which would alter the matching between the two. That may be helpful if you want to try matching them yourself, but I prefer to have one that comes prematched as well as possible so I don't have to fiddle with it - I am sometimes obsessive compulsive.

Are you looking for any dual pot, or specifically that kind (looks like 2 singles with one's shaft in the other's butt) in the picture?
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Yes, I was looking for this type of pot specificaly. Its for tone control. I think I may try that 500k one in erix post. I would rather have a lower value, like 320k. or 250k, but I think that it will work. Anybody else have any other places? Thanks for helping guys.
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Ohhh, now I understand what you're looking for.
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