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Local sports radio host is playing coy about LSU vs.UDub. He asks Lester what he will do while in Seattle. Les responds puzzled, "We ain't goin' there for a tour."

Love me some Lester.
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Originally Posted by Samgotit View Post
Les responds puzzled, "We ain't goin' there for a tour."
You can bet money on that. Bayou Bengals are my second favorite team in the SEC. That is hard to admit being a Razorback fan. I take alot of flack for it up here.
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Anyone else see that Oregon punch on the Boise state player? Glad I'm a Beavers fan and not a ducks fan. Guy should look into MMA career now that he wont be playing football anymore.

YouTube - Oregon's LeGarrette Blount gives Boise State player a beat down (in 720p HD)
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Ol' Blount appears to be a "can dish it but can't take it" kind of cat. Too bad for BSU, that there solid win was marred by that. As for the act itself, I don't see the big deal. A dude punched another, and some think that's big news. America and violence are odd partners. Let's strap up young, testosterone filed young men in helmets then send them out to play a contact sport. While we're at it, strap the game with limitations over how they hit and celebrate; talk about a simmering pot.
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Ouch, Blount done for the year, big loss for the Ducks. I guess that's good news for the rest of the Pac though.

I'll be heading to the ASU game tomorrow as always. We're missing about 12 guys and that includes super frosh Burfict, but luckily it's just Idaho State. We'll soften em up for ya Viro.
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Ooh just under the wire, the NCAA has cleared Burfict and he'll be playing against ISU. Can't wait to see this guy!
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Kinda sad that we're 2 days into the season and we have a season-long suspension for fighting...oh well...

Here are my picks for today:

> UGA will go down to OKST. Their new QB has the flu, playing on the road - not good.

> Notre Dame will barely squeak by Nevada - they are super overrated.

> Illinois finally beats Mizzou

> BYU puts big scare in Sooners, but the Big Red win anyway.

> Hokies top 'Bama in a close one.
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I was just busy watching Tulane get dominated by Tulsa last night... Granted, it has been worse, and things are looking better(ish) for Tulane... but that was still pretty rubbish.

(I was only watching because my sister goes to Tulane, so therefore I can make fun of their football team. Of course, my high school hasn't won a football game in 20+ years....)
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That Oregon player is a wuss.

You're wearing a helmet and you hit someone WITHOUT one, then you start backing up walking away as the guy gets up?!


I wonder how quick racism allegations would surface if the roles were reversed?
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Quickly. Its reverse discrimination in action.
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Sooner...you have my sympathies. Hard to go down without all the bullets in your gun.
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Well, my predictions were largely wrong, outside of UGA-OKST, and in predicting BYU would play very tough. I'm surprised VaTech allowed as many points as they did.

And what can I say about Illinois, except they looked AWFUL. I've always thought Juice was way overrated. This is just more proof. Illinois was decent when they had Rashard Mendenhall as their RB - since then, not so much.

What to make of the OSU-Navy game...given I only saw highlights later...well, clearly OSU will need to play better or they will get killed by USC. But Navy is no slouch - 8-win, Bowl team last year. USC they ain't, though...

What to make of UNI almost beating Iowa...given I only saw highlights later...well, UNI lost by 1 point to FCS Champion Richmond last year, so they don't suck (and Richmond beat Duke yesterday). But still, doesn't look like Iowa deserved a top-25 preseason ranking based on that, and I doubt they will have one in the next poll.

What to make of Syracuse almost beating Minnesota...given I only saw highlights later...well, nothing. Syracuse might be better than last year, and Minnesota might be worse. Who knows. Syracuse goes to Happy Valley next week - if they get beat 55-0, then we'll know Minny is in for a rough season.

Michigan - better to beat a MAC team 31-7 than to lose to a MAC team at home, that's for sure, and WMU was a 9-win Bowl team last year, so they don't suck.

But all in all, there wasn't much to write home about in the Big Ten yesterday. Wisco let NIU back in the game late, and NU, MSU, PSU, and PU thumped much weaker opponents.
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That was a lot of sloppy football yesterday. I saw a lot of top ranked teams that played like they were in their first week of scrimmages.

Oklahoma will have to see major improvements with their O-line if they hope to have a surviving QB by the end of the season. The two great running backs were certainly held back by the line as well.

Okie State and Georgia both played rather poorly but I really assumed that Georgia would take them and was wrong. The Georgia offense just shut down, maybe the flu of the QB knocked him down?

My Longhorns were also very sloppy and the defense, and in particular the secondary, that is supposed to be much improved still needs a lot of work.

I watched the Ohio State game and it was also pretty sloppy. The Ohio State defense seems to need some work as I never would assume Navy could hang almost 30 on them. A lot of Big 11 teams have historically had problems with mobile QBs so maybe that is still the problem.

Michigan and Penn State looked good as did Notre Dame. The USC team started really bad but got into a groove to romp their opponent, as expected.

The first half of VT-Alabama was much as expected until the scores started going up. Good hitting all the way through.

My biggest problem with the weekend was the refs calling every hard hit some kind of personal foul. The pansification of College Football. There were also numerous nonsense calls that they will hopefully work their way through.
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LSU looked zombified. My favorite excuse was the game being so late. I wasn't buying it. My next favorite excuse --and this one is universal-- comes from the fan forums. It's the ole' "they don't want to show the big guns in a game like this." Whenever they look like poop someone pulls that hogwash out. Yea, let's sandbag and lose to a team that hasn't won in a year and a half.

I've seen all-girl Red Rover games that held tougher than the offensive line did last night.

D was just bad in general. Thumbs up for the secondary, though. Locker could have held high tea last night with the time he had back there.

UW has a shinny new team.


Metal must have went to the half with a hole in his chest and lump in the throat.
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Originally Posted by Iron_Dreamer View Post
Sooner...you have my sympathies. Hard to go down without all the bullets in your gun.
Thanks Trojan. We were pretty down on the way back, then I found out my friend died in a plane crash.

That will snap things back into perspective quickly.


With the decreased preseason practice allotment, I don't put that much into the first week. We'll see how the teams fare next. I will say, I don't like tOSU's chances against USC very much. Their athletes weren't very impressive to me.
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