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Originally Posted by sanka View Post
I wonder if the Clip+ has the same pitch problem as the Clip. The Clip plays all 44.1 kHz sample-rate files about a fifth of a semitone flat, which is noticeably out-of-tune to my ear. The question of whether this has been fixed on the Clip+ has been asked (but not answered) on the Sandisk Clip+ forum.
I'm glad you posted this -- it always sounded a little off to me and I wondered what that was about.
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New Sansa clip+ (microSD card slot): http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f15/ne...d-slot-442701/

I started this yesterday,...................
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Anyone know which online retailers carry the Clip+?

Amazon doesn't seem to even have it for pre-order much less sale...
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Picked up a blue 4GB Clip+ this afternoon....

Differences I noticed:

1. Put the volume control on the left... much better.
2. Menu item for the Slot Radio cards.... won't ever use.
3. Same great sound quality...
4. Pushing the center button toggles between now playing, graphic equalizer, and next song to be played.
5. The four way directional pad is no longer lighted... maybe a bit of battery life help.
6. Has replay gain.
7. On/Off switch on top... much better.
8. Actually like the new rear clip... almost same width and length as player and is perfectly parallel with the player.... ought to make it rest nicely on an amp.
9. Still plastic, but better build quality... was hoping for a gold plated titanium case!
10. Can now get track info from now playing options menu.
11. FM radio is OK... not great... at least at my location.
12. Seems to do a nice job of voice recording.
13. 8GB version only comes in black... needed some color in my life!
14. Added about 5 additional pre-set equalizer settings.... won't use.
15. Hold is accomplished by holding down the Home button.
16. Has uSD slot!!!! Internal memory and uSD card get integrated together into database!
17. Can browse by folder.
18. FLAC and Ogg support.

Well, that's what I've discovered in the hour I've been fussing with it. Should continue to be a hit..

Can't wait for the 32GB uSD cards: 4GB + 32GB = 36GB in this little puppy!

UPDATE: Been playing for 5 1/2 hours with screen on constantly and pumping 256 mp3s through it and the batt indicator is fluctuating between 1/4 and 1/3 down... so, if the indicator is linear, maybe the claimed 15 hours might be accurate.
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I want to buy this also.
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Originally Posted by Ashkii21 View Post
I want to buy this also.
Same here!
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You can buy direct from Sandisk, shipping is about $7. Last time I bought from them, it took about 7-8 days to receive my order.
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Best Buy has them in stock... check website for individual store availabilty.
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How is the volume on this thing? I have a Senn hd 485, 32 Ohm. Can this little guy drive that?
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Best buy has them? I would like to get an 8gb sansa clip+.
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Picked mine up at Best Buy yesterday. Not familiar with the HD 485, but drives my HF2 plenty loud. 32ohms is perfect... all depends upon the sensitivity of the Senns.
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Originally Posted by Robisan View Post
Define "crazy huge." This player tops out at 24gb (8+16) right now. That's hardly "crazy huge" as flac libraries go...

...it's almost 2010 and even large capacity flash memory is relatively cheap. Expandable or not, why are we still getting 4gb and 8gb player releases? Shouldn't we expect and demand more...?
It's better, that's for sure. What do you do if you don't want to spend more than $100, but take lossless audio files with you? Get a Clip+.

If you really wanted space, you'd just get a hard drive based player, or a 32GB D2 + SDHC.
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Originally Posted by Ntropic View Post
If you really wanted space, you'd just get a hard drive based player, or a 32GB D2 + SDHC.
I'd prefer a 16gb (or 32gb) Clip+. The wholesale cost (or in Sandisk's case, production cost) of 16gb flash is likely under $20 and a 16gb Clip+ should be in the line-up for ~$100+. It's almost 2010 -- I'm not buying any more measly 8gb players, no matter how inexpensive...
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What's up with the Clip+ in terms of online purchase? I don't feel like driving down to Best Buy (my local store has them in stock). No Amazon, nowhere else but Sandisk? They must have cut a deal with BB, which sucks. I guess I will wait. I want one of these too.

Update: Decided the he** with it, and ordered one from Sandisk. $6 shipping. Got the 8GB model. Now, my DAP collection is complete, sort of.
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