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Hi Justin,

Change of plans - I don't want the amp anymore as my budget is really tight right now.


Please cancel the order and refund me via PayPal ASAP (sent you an email as well).


You've been a great help.


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That's almost possible.  I bought a 3GS in Nov 2009 and returned it because i got 0 bars indoors.  useless.  I'm on Verizon so a switch is possible now.

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Last week I read this thread with slight alarm as I nervously awaited any news on my recently ordered Pico USB DAC, but I now feel like it would only be appropriate to say that my fears were baseless. Justin is obviously a very busy man, and that was made apparent when no mention of my DAC was made for over a week after I had ordered it. However, Justin quickly shipped my DAC the day after I emailed him inquiring about it, for which I give him big props. Currently listening to my new DAC and loving it. With regard to service, keep in mind that this guy is working by himself and that bigger orders will probably take longer to assemble...and the best things are worth waiting for! I would definitely do business with HeadAmp again.

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I wouldn't recommend anyone to do business with Headamp at all for several reasons.

Let me put it this way - I wouldn't do business UNLESS you

  1. are incredibly patient, ready to wait months for your product (frequently the case with such products, BUT) without ever getting a single line or status update
  2. don't mind paying hundreds of dollars online without even getting a confirmation of payment or the slightest notice that anything's being done - again, for months
  3. you're fine with your "lifetime warranty" most probably being subject to this same "process/experience"


The fact that any response from Headamp will probably not result in an acknowledgement of this feedback and/or apology, but self-defense or counter-offense, should confirm/preview the experience you'll have (see previous replies in this threat).


Just my experience and advice. Read up and you'll notice that it mirrors that of many.






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what did you order and when?

HeadAmp Audio Electronics - home of the Pico and Gilmore amps.  Now with Audeze, Fostex, HiFiMAN, Sennheiser, and STAX.
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You should consider that Justin is a designer and builder of amplifiers, and one of the best, and not a person sitting at a service desk.

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I am the proud owner of one of the original Pico amp/DAC combo units and I can fully sympathize with the posts from anxious buyers who haven't had good communication with HeadAmp. I placed my order on the pre-order thread in mid-May 2008 and didn't receive my unit until mid-October 2008. I went through some of the same periods of trepidation, anxiously awaiting news on the shipment. Heck, for quite a while I wasn't even sure my order had been acknowledged as I didn't get a payment request until late Aug. 2008.


That all being said and done, I would not hesitate to order from HeadAmp again. Their products are superbly manufactured - as Justin mentioned he doesn't often have units come back to him, which speaks volumes about the great build quality. While I can sympathize with others waiting for their new toys to arrive, you don't have to worry about losing your hard earned money - Justin and HeadAmp will deliver!


Part of the problem is that we live in a society that has become used to instant gratification. I'm as guilty as the next party in wanting what I ordered and paid for as quickly as possible.Thankfully, as I've come to learn, good things come to those who wait. My Pico has served me flawlessly since I received it. Hopefully I'll have enough cash saved up to order a GS-1 later this year and I'll be happy to wait for it.


Thanks Justin!

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